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Farmer Podcast Club: FE2.1 – Enlichenment and the Triage of Life

Posted by Lilli Klamke on September 24, 2019

Enjoy listening to your weekly Farmer Podcast Club episode. FE2.1 – Enlichenment and the Triage of Life- Future Ecologies Released Aug 7, 2019 Lichens: ecosystems unto themselves. They’re diverse, apparently ubiquitous, and foundational to life on terrestrial earth. But this episode isn’t really about lichen. It’s about an endangered species that relies on a lichen diet – a diet that is disappearing as fast as the old growth forest in British Columbia. Southern Mountain Caribou are at the nexus of a heated debate about conservation. What can we save? What should we let go? And most importantly, what are we … Continue reading Farmer Podcast Club: FE2.1 – Enlichenment and the Triage of Life

It Depends.

Posted by Adam Huggins on December 07, 2012

Writings from Adam Huggins on his journeys. Adam put much love into urban permaculture cultivation at the Purple Thistle project in Vancouver’s DTES. http://sunfishmoonlight.wordpress.com The symphony which nature composes from its detritus is a fruit embodying the distillation of eons of death, decay, and fermentation – the doing and undoing of a multitude of bodies across time. In planting these words, I am conscious that each sentence, each word, each step, I am treading upon the backs of the many authors of oral, literary, and figurative traditions extending back into memory. As with the host of irreducible gifts granted us … Continue reading It Depends.