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With people 35 and younger making up just 9% of Canada’s farmers, new farmers need support more than ever! Your gift will help Young Agrarians to grow the next generation of farmers through community building, educational and networking events, business mentorships, land access programming, and on-farm apprenticeships. In 2019, we supported approximately 330 farms through programs, 1000 farmers through educational events, and worked with 75 organizations across Canada. Your donation is an investment in the renewal and revitalization of ecological and regenerative agriculture in Canada today. Thank you!

Your Gift Supports Farmers Like Robin

Robin Sturley, Merville Organics Farmers’ Cooperative, Merville, B.C.

a1560dc6-84d9-400a-b654-82c2c1bd925c“In the beginning, as a brand new farmer, I didn’t have a network of people to reach out to. Young Agrarians helped me discover the wider community of small-scale farmers on Vancouver Island. Through YA’s farm tours, workshops and mixers, I was able to connect to moral support (whew, I wasn’t alone!) and meet my current farm business partners. Later I was able to participate in the Young Agrarians Business Mentorship program and get the training I need to become financially viable. Today I’m a part of a thriving farmers’ co-operative and have found my niche within the sector. Thanks, YA, for being part of this journey.”



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