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It Depends.

Posted by Adam Huggins on December 07, 2012

Writings from Adam Huggins on his journeys. Adam put much love into urban permaculture cultivation at the Purple Thistle project in Vancouver’s DTES. The symphony which nature composes from its detritus is a fruit embodying the distillation of eons of death, decay, and fermentation – the doing and undoing of a multitude of bodies across time. In planting these words, I am conscious that each sentence, each word, each step, I am treading upon the backs of the many authors of oral, literary, and figurative traditions extending back into memory. As with the host of irreducible gifts granted us … Continue reading It Depends.

YA invite – 2nd Annual Purple Thistle Gardens Harvest Shakedown!

Posted by Adam Huggins on October 04, 2012

Hey Young Agrarians, this is an invitation to you and your loved ones and friends to come on down and celebrate our second season of troublemaking down in the industrial lowlands of East Van!  Our harvest, however sweet it may be, also coincides with the threat of destruction: the recently resurrected fossilized corpse of the Gateway Project is proposing to build a freeway directly over both our food forest and the incomparable and well beloved Cottonwood Community Gardens.  If we don’t want to be strapping ourselves to young apple trees (and old Chinese Chestnuts) anytime soon, now is the time … Continue reading YA invite – 2nd Annual Purple Thistle Gardens Harvest Shakedown!

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and Began.

Posted by Adam Huggins on August 30, 2012 2 Comments

I’m Adam. So… conversation starters?  I talk to plants. For half of the world’s population, this is not at all unusual, commonplace, even. And most of us, I think, secretly harbor some kind of fairy-dust eye-of-newt moist-root instinct, as if we want so badly to believe in what seems too irrational to give any heed to. But the truth is that our instincts are intact, that they are acute, and that we – as sentient beings – can be phytoliterate plant-speakers.  Whether just sharing the first dewy words of the morning with the capricious garden violets (see how they wink back at … Continue reading One day you finally knew what you had to do, and Began.