LAND OPPORTUNITY: Remote 565 acre Cattle Ranch between Anahim Lake and Vanderhoof, BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on March 23, 2022 9 Comments

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If mountains, cattle and living away from it all are all things you are passionate about – this may be the right land opportunity for you! Situated 170 km South of Vanderhoof, this 565 acre cattle ranch is remote and requires someone passionate to bring it back to full operating capacity. The ranch has run 70-80 cow/calf pairs previously and has adjacent hay fields. Of the 565 acres, 329 acres are located 6-7 miles away up river from the main ranch yard. Rangeland also surrounds the ranch for cattle grazing.

Existing fence is in place but will require repair, along with some infrastructure. Equipment (tractor, backhoe, dump truck, hay equipment and sawmill) are available but do require someone mechanically inclined to maintain. At this time there is no housing available on the ranch but welcome a cabin to be build or a mobile type housing be brought on the land.


The ranch and surrounding area is absolutely beautiful. The ideal candidate for this land opportunity is someone who is used to this lifestyle and understands living remotely. You must be innovative, mechanically inclined, self sufficient and passionate. Water is hauled from local water sources, there is no cell service (but you can get internet!) and the commute to Vanderhoof on a summer day is about 3 hours.

The end goal is to find someone who would want to take over the ranch in a non-family farm transition arrangement. The landowners have so much knowledge to share for the next farmers who take over.


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9 thoughts on “LAND OPPORTUNITY: Remote 565 acre Cattle Ranch between Anahim Lake and Vanderhoof, BC

  1. We are very interested. We are a family of 3 that currently have dairy goats, sheep and poultry, we have outgrown our 5 acre rental and I would love to get into cattle for the meat market. My husband worked on cattle farms when he was younger. We are good with off grid living and can bring our trailer and just build a cabana type addition so we can have a woodstove for heat. I love to garden as well and try to produce most of my family’s food.
    I’d love to learn more about your ranch. Is there existing cattle or would we have to start with some and slowly breed a herd?

    1. Hi Tara,

      Thanks for your comment. I will forward it to Morgan, the Land Matcher for this opportunity. She will get back to you via email.


  2. Definitely interested in discussing terms. Have been looking in this area and am very familiar with lifestyle there. Would this be a buy out/ purchase at an agreed date and time after leasing for a specified period? Interested in futures ownership of the ranch. Raising cattle. Horses as well as sheep chickens. How could I get directions and a meeting date to discuss the process and terms!
    Thank you kindly

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment! I have forwarded this to our land matcher for this region, Morgan. She will be responding to you via email.


  3. Hello

    I’m interested in this opportunity, i grew up about ten miles north of there, been gone twenty years. I’ve got over a hundred head of angus mix herd now. I’ve been looking at moving back. Tell the owner I’m the youngest of the four brothers they’ll know who I am.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Daniel!

      Thanks for reaching out! I have passed your message along to the Land Matcher for this opportunity. They will be in touch.


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