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Looking for farmland? Check out our Farmland Blog below. It’s full of listings with farmland for rent. Read up on the essential land access resources we offer: landlinking workshops, a BC Land Access Guide and free Lease & License Templates.

In B.C., we have launched a Lower Mainland Land Matching Pilot 2016-2017. If you’re a farmer seeking land, or have land in the area that you would like farmed, please reach out to for more info.

Farmland access

Lower Mainland Land Matching Pilot

Looking for land? Have land you’d like to see farmed? Young Agrarians is excited to partner with the City of Surrey to pilot a land extension service in 2016/2017 based on Quebec’s successful Banque de Terres program. The pilot’s hands-on matchmaking service for farmers and landowners will focus on the Fraser Valley, with the Young Agrarians digital resource map offering a way for farmers and landowners to connect across the province.

Our online land registry is currently available to anyone in BC or Canada who has land available for farming, as well as farmers who are seeking land. Please create a new listing on our UMAP, selecting either “Land Listing” or “Farmer Looking for Land”, and answer the questions in as much detail as you can. If you have any questions, or would like help registering your land, please reach out to and our Land Matcher will be happy to help!

The Matchmaker service aims to:

  • Support more new and young farmers to access tenured land agreements to start viable farm businesses
  • Connect and support young and new farmer readiness with business planning and farm extension services
  • Educate landowners and new farmers about legal agreements, and provide a final lawyer reviewed contract between parties
  • Ensure that existing farmland continues to be farmed
  • Support governments to meet regional agricultural planning goals

Our goal is to roll out the Young Agrarians Land Matching program across the province in the coming years, with Matchmakers in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Okanagan / Thompson / Interior, and the Kootenays.

To see if the pilot program is right for your farm project, or if you’ve got land to list, reach out to

Land Linking Workshops

Young Agrarians facilitates Land Linking Workshops to bring together land owners and retiring farmers with new and potential farmers to network, learn about farm business & organizational models, and hear case stories of land access arrangements from across Southern BC. Land linking workshops have been hosted from Vancouver Island to the Kootenays. Contact for more info.

Land Access Guide, Lease & License Templates

Check out our first publication (ever) available for download, as well as our Lease & License templates by clicking here: the B.C. Land Access Guide provides a framework for new farmers looking to explore options for how to get on land. If you are a land owner wanting to get a better understanding of what a farmer would need to work your land, this guide is helpful. If you are a farmer looking to negotiate a land access agreement, appendix B can support process.

On-Line Tools for Finding & Listing Land

To advertise your land opportunity check out:

Young Agrarians Land Blog & U-MAP: Landowners and Farmers have been posting their land opportunity on the Young Agrarians blog! To do this you must have a formal understanding of how your land arrangement would work with a new farmer. Please visit our land blog for examples and email us with content to post. You can also list your farm land opportunity on the Young Agrarians Resource UMAP under Land. Use the ADD RESOURCE button to add your land listing:

FarmLink – FarmLINK’s MatchMaker tool brings together new farmers who are looking for land or mentorship with farm owners who have land available or expertise to share.

Banque de Terres – This Quebec land matching service pairs land owners with farmers seeking land. Banque de Terres aims to increase the accessibility of land to young farmers and maintain the agricultural dynamism of Quebec’s regions. Each region offers the services of a land matcher, who provides personalized support and assistance at every stage of forming a land match and agreement between landowners and aspiring farmers. (This resource is in French.)

Join the movement and grow new farmers and food growers in Canada by supporting land access for food production!

For blog listings below, please note that Young Agrarians is not able to screen all land opportunities that are sent to us. Please do due diligence and screening to assess whether the potential land opportunity meets your needs and expectations for a farm land access arrangement. Contact if you have questions or need more support resources.


OPPORTUNITY: NORTH COWICHAN, BC: Mossy Banks Farm Partnership

Posted by Moss Dance on September 12, 2017

Mossy Banks Farm

Mossy Banks Farm, a Permaculture farm in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, is looking for an individual or couple interested in partnering with an experienced farmer in a potential “profit share” partnership. About Mossy Banks Farm Mossy Banks is a mixed farm with animals, gardens and food forests. To become profitable, it needs the help of dedicated workers who can help the farmer implement the latest in best intensive organic practices for the vegetable gardens, for example, while also working with the permaculture systems of animal husbandry and the food forests already in place. Always willing to experiment and try new … Continue reading OPPORTUNITY: NORTH COWICHAN, BC: Mossy Banks Farm Partnership

LAND OPPORTUNITY: Ceres Circle Farm, Kelowna BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on July 25, 2017

Ceres Circle Farm

About Ceres Circle Farm Ceres Circle Farm is a 36.8 acre sheep farm in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is a very beautiful farm that has been meticulously maintained. There are gentle rolling hills that are fenced into paddocks on both sides, as well as a natural uncultivated area full of edible and medicinal plants. About The Opportunity A sheep farming operation would be the ideal “flagship” enterprise as the property can accommodate maximum 35-45 sheep (or 100 animals including lambs) in rotation. There is infrastructure to service the animals from birth to slaughter, including a provincially licensed abattoir with walk-in cooler … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: Ceres Circle Farm, Kelowna BC

LAND OPPORTUNITY: Paradise Within Farm, Salt Spring Island

Posted by Darcy Smith on July 21, 2017


ABOUT PARADISE WITHIN Paradise Within is an “incubator farm” on Salt Spring Island that is in need of a fresh new farmer or two wanting to learn from a seasoned organic market garden farmer. The farm is roughly 18 acres of mixed permaculture and conventional organic farming. It is endowed with amazing soil, lots of  great water, and an incredible amount of sunlight. We grow a multitude of seasonal vegetables in and out of the greenhouse. The developing Edible Permaculture Display Garden is home to fruit trees; apple primarily, plums, pears, cherry, kiwi and figs. We also grow hazelnuts, sweet … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: Paradise Within Farm, Salt Spring Island

APRIL 22-23: CRESTON, BC – Soil Workshop and Field Training in Creston & the East Shore

Posted by Paris Marshall Smith on April 17, 2017

Bill chapmansoil

Join in this field-based workshop in Creston & District to experience different soils and crop production environments! The workshop will travel to Herbada Farm, a commercial dairy farm on the Creston Flats; Cartwheel Farm, an organic market vegetable farm in Erickson; Twisted Roots, a four season community greenhouse in Crawford Bay; Yasodhara Ashram, an organic market garden; and Kootenay Honey Berry Farm, an emerging buckwheat, blueberry and honey farm. Fields Forward is excited to welcome educators Bill and Laticia Chapman to our region. Bill is an agrologist with the Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resource Operations. Currently based in Williams Lake, Bill has … Continue reading APRIL 22-23: CRESTON, BC – Soil Workshop and Field Training in Creston & the East Shore

Soil Testing for New Farmers: a Step by Step Guide

Posted by Darcy Smith on March 22, 2017

Soil and seedlings

‘Feed the soil, not the plants’ is a great way of looking at the importance of managing soils for food production. Soils vary in diversity from one location to another, and require comprehensive management strategies for on-site nutrient recycling and long-term land stewardship. Healthy soils will grow healthy crops, and knowing what types of soils you are working with will help you figure out what will grow best on your land. For a farmer on a new piece of land, there are a few methods that will reveal what type of soil and nutrient content you are working with. Soil testing, on … Continue reading Soil Testing for New Farmers: a Step by Step Guide

APRIL 5: BRANTFORD, ON – Tools for Protecting Farmland Forum

Posted by Moss Dance on March 16, 2017

Tools for Protecting Farmland

Attention new farmers, retiring farmers, and organizations that support the protection of farmland and access to land for new farmers: Join us to learn about Tools for Protecting Farmland, a speakers panel followed by working round table discussion about innovative and effective ways to fund and protect farmland in Ontario. This forum will be hosted by Sustainable Brant, rare Charitable Research Reserve, and Langford Conservancy Speakers to include: Wally Seccombe, formerly of Everdale Farm; Dan Naccarato, New and Young Farmers; Scott Hughes, Capacity Build; Tom Woodcock, rare Charitable Research Reserve; Kathryn Enders, Ontario Farmland Trust; and Erin Shapiro, Ontario Greenbelt Alliance. Topics to be covered: … Continue reading APRIL 5: BRANTFORD, ON – Tools for Protecting Farmland Forum


Posted by Darcy Smith on March 07, 2017

3.5 acres in delta

About the Land This acreage in Delta is full of potential. At one time it was cultivated with a garden and livestock, but has been fallow for a number of years. Neighbouring crops are blueberries, potatoes, hay, and more. The property is flat, with good drainage and great sun exposure. About the Opportunity This land opportunity offers 3.5 acres in the ALR available for cultivation as a market garden, as well as a 2,000 square foot barn and a lean-to. The land is well suited for a market garden, with the potential for egg production, berries, and potentially fruit trees. … Continue reading [LEASED] LAND OPPORTUNITY: 3.5 Acres in Delta

LAND OPPORTUNITY: Active Pastures Farm, Mayne Island

Posted by Darcy Smith on March 07, 2017

Active Pastures greenhouse

About Active Pastures Farm Active Pastures is a six acre farm on beautiful Mayne Island (located between Vancouver on the mainland and Victoria on Vancouver Island). The farm was established over 100 years ago and has been part of the Mayne Island agriculture story ever since. Originally started by the early explorers heading for the gold fields in the interior, it has seen the glory days of the Japanese Tomato Farms and numerous farming operations since. The fields have been fallow producing hay for the past decade before being actively farmed this past year producing an abundant Market Garden for … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: Active Pastures Farm, Mayne Island

Land: Central Alberta – Purebred Cow/Calf Farm

Posted by Dana Penrice on March 03, 2017

Farmer Wanted We have a small, but well established purebred cow/calf operation and are almost ready t retire. Therefore, we are looking for a young person(s) to work with us, with the goal of taking over the farm. We are looking for someone with a great interest in cattle. The applicant must be of good character, physically capable and, hopefully, have some experience with livestock. The right person should also have a great respect for the environment. Any experience with equipment would be a desirable asset. We are willing to help as long as needed to get the right person(s) … Continue reading Land: Central Alberta – Purebred Cow/Calf Farm

LAND OPPORTUNITY: 320 Certified Organic Acres near Bridesville BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on March 03, 2017

Certified Organic Land for Lease near Bridesville

About the Land This picturesque 320 acres of certified organic land is situated near Bridesville, BC east of Osoyoos – right across from Anarchy Summit. For the last 10 years it has been used for cattle, hay, and forage, with 100-200 head grazing on Canada Bluegrass Flattened Meadow. Prior to that the land was used for cereal crops. Water comes from a small lake on the land, and there are 6-8 inches of thick topsoil, with good drainage and soil fertility (soil test results available). About the Opportunity This land is available for an enterprising farmer to lease. It would … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: 320 Certified Organic Acres near Bridesville BC