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Looking for farmland? Check out our Farmland Blog below. It’s full of listings with farmland for rent. Read up on the essential land access resources we offer: landlinking workshops, a BC Land Access Guide (So You Want to Farm?) and free Lease & Licence Templates.

In BC, we are currently offering a Lower Mainland Land Matching Program, launched in 2016. If you’re a farmer seeking land, or have land in the area that you would like farmed, please reach out to for more info. Scroll down for more information on:

Land Matching Program – Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley
Land Linking Workshops
Land Access Guide, Lease & License Templates
On-Line Tools for Finding & Listing Land
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Young Agrarians Land Matching Program

Looking for land? Have land you’d like to see farmed? Young Agrarians is excited to offer a land extension service based on Quebec’s successful L’ARTERRE program. The program’s hands-on matchmaking service for farmers and landowners focuses on Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, with the Young Agrarians digital resource map and Land blog offering a way for farmers and landowners to connect across the province.

Our online land registry is currently available to anyone in BC or Canada who has land available for farming, as well as farmers who are seeking land. Please create a new listing on our UMAP, selecting either “Land Listing” or “Farmer Looking for Land”, and answer the questions in as much detail as you can. If you would also like to contribute a Land Opportunity to our Land Blog, where it will be read by our extensive network of new and young farmers. If you have any questions, or would like help registering your land, please reach out to and our Land Matcher will be happy to help!

The Matchmaker service aims to:

  • Support more new and young farmers to access tenured land agreements to start viable farm businesses.
  • Connect and support young and new farmer readiness with business planning and farm extension services.
  • Educate landowners and new farmers about legal agreements, and provide a final lawyer reviewed contract between parties.
  • Ensure that existing farmland continues to be farmed.
  • Support governments to meet regional agricultural planning goals.

The Young Agrarians Land Matching Program achieves this by offering the following services:

  • Assist Land Owners to list their land on the Young Agrarians digital Resource U-Map and evaluate land opportunities for agricultural viability;
  • Support young and new farmer readiness with business plan assessment and connections to resources, extension information, and agricultural services where available;
  • Provide hands-on, personalized matchmaking to support Land Seekers to find the most suitable land opportunity for their farm project;
  • Support Land Owners to find the most suitable farmer(s) for their land opportunity;
  • Facilitate introductions, site visits, and negotiations between Land Seekers and Land Owners;
  • Where a match is identified, support the creation of a legally binding agreement between parties;
  • Follow-up to ensure a good land match.

We are currently working on rolling out the Young Agrarians Land Matching program across the province in the coming years, adding Matchmakers on Vancouver Island, in the Okanagan / Thompson, and in the Kootenays.

To see if the Land Matching Program is right for your farm project, or if you’ve got land to list, reach out to

Land Linking Workshops

Young Agrarians facilitates Land Linking Workshops to bring together land owners and retiring farmers with new and potential farmers to network, learn about farm business & organizational models, and hear case stories of land access arrangements from across Southern BC. Land linking workshops have been hosted from Vancouver Island to the Kootenays. Contact for more info.

Check our Events Page for details on upcoming Land Links and other YA events!

Land Access Guide, Lease & License Templates

British Columbia:

Check out our first publication (ever) available for download, as well as our Lease & License templates by clicking here: the BC Land Access Guide provides a framework for new farmers looking to explore options for how to get on land. If you are a land owner wanting to get a better understanding of what a farmer would need to work your land, this guide is helpful. If you are a farmer looking to negotiate a land access agreement, appendix B can support process.


The NFU-O (National Farmers Union of Ontario) has published the Young Agrarians Ontario Land Access Guide, thanks to funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario. The guide is an adaptation of our immensely popular Young Agrarians BC Land Access Guide.

On-Line Tools for Finding & Listing Land

To advertise your land opportunity check out:

Young Agrarians Land Blog & U-MAP: Landowners and Farmers post their land opportunities on the Young Agrarians blog! To do this you must have a formal understanding of how your land arrangement would work with a new farmer. Please visit our land blog for examples and email us with content to post. You can also list your farm land opportunity on the Young Agrarians Resource UMAP under Land. Use the ADD RESOURCE button to add your land listing:

FarmLink – FarmLINK’s MatchMaker land listing tool brings together new farmers who are looking for land or mentorship with farm owners who have land available or expertise to share.

Banque de Terres > L’ARTERRE– This Quebec land matching service pairs land owners with farmers seeking land. Banque de Terres aims to increase the accessibility of land to young farmers and maintain the agricultural dynamism of Quebec’s regions. Participating County’s offer the services of a land matcher, who provides personalized support and assistance at every stage of forming a land match and agreement between landowners and aspiring farmers.

Join the movement and grow new farmers and food growers in Canada by supporting land access for food production!

For blog listings below, please note that Young Agrarians is not able to screen land opportunities that are sent to us. Please do due diligence and screening to assess whether the potential land opportunity meets your needs and expectations for a farm land access arrangement. Contact if you have questions or need more support resources.


NFU-O Land Access Guide for Young Farmers in Ontario

Posted by Moss Dance on August 02, 2018

NFU-O Land Access Guide

The NFU-O (National Farmers Union of Ontario) has published the Young Agrarians Ontario Land Access Guide, thanks to funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario. The guide is an adaptation of the immensely popular Young Agrarians BC Land Access Guide. “Farmland in Ontario is amongst the most expensive in Canada with a provincial average of over $10,000 per acre. In Southwestern Ontario, farmland values are now averaging over $16,000 per acre,” noted Ayla Fenton, NFU-O Board member. “New farmers have to be more creative in finding land to grow their business. This guide highlights creative options for new farmers regarding … Continue reading NFU-O Land Access Guide for Young Farmers in Ontario


Posted by Darcy Smith on June 28, 2018


ABOUT THE LAND The property consists of approximately 4 acres of ALR land on a 6 acre property bordering the Nicomekl River in South Surrey suitable for livestock production. The landowner lives on site. The land has historically been used to graze cattle, but was not in production last year. There is excellent fencing, with one large pasture and two additional fenced areas, one of which features a small, outdoor covered area for shelter. ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY Four acres plus a small storage building available for lease for livestock production. Cattle are preferred as that has worked well on the land in the past. … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: 4 FENCED ACRES FOR LIVESTOCK, SURREY BC


Posted by Sara Dent on June 25, 2018

Young Agrarians Land Matchers

Young Agrarians BC is hiring land matchers! Are you a connector? An intuitive networker? That person in your friend group who always has the dirt on hot jobs and cool apartments? Do complete strangers tell you their life story at the drop of a hat? Did you once set up your friends from college, and now they’ve got kids and you gave a speech at their wedding and they send you a thank you card every year? Young Agrarians needs people with that magic matchmaking quality to connect farmers seeking land with farmland owners who have land to lease. If … Continue reading POSITION FILLED – JOB: YOUNG AGRARIANS BC LAND MATCHERS

Flooding Preparedness for BC Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley Farmers

Posted by Moss Dance on May 18, 2018

Flooding Preparedness

The province of BC has activated the Southwest Provincial Regional Operations Center (SW PREOC) to support the response to the 2018 lower Fraser River freshet and the potential for flooding.  Additional PREOCs have also been activated in other regions of the province due to the flooding situation and the following information is also applicable to those impacted regions.  The Ministry of Agriculture is providing support to Local Governments, First Nations, and agricultural producers through the PREOC.  Below we have attached a number of links to provide producers with key information and resources to assist them in preparing, responding and recovering from potential … Continue reading Flooding Preparedness for BC Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley Farmers

Opportunity: Sedgewick, AB – Broadview Farm

Posted by Dana Penrice on May 05, 2018


Farm with Roy!  Roy has more growing space than he can farm and is looking for someone to come and work with him. If you are a person wishing to farm but unable to find land, Roy would love to hear from you! Roy is currently marketing vegetables and seeds but there are opportunities on the farm for small scale livestock. He markets at Seedy Saturdays and at the Camrose Farmers Market. Roy would love to share his horticultural and gardening knowledge. Roy is open to lots of options from working a few days a week to living on the farm. If … Continue reading Opportunity: Sedgewick, AB – Broadview Farm


Posted by Darcy Smith on April 30, 2018


My name is Roger and I’m farming in Surrey, BC at The Farmhouse Bard. I’m just starting my second season of intensive vegetable production in BC. For many years, I worked as a cook, cultivating my love for the various stories, scents, and colours of heirloom vegetables. I wanted to share the histories of curious things, like crookneck watermelons, and the tale of mortgage lifter tomatoes. I also deeply believe in the power of farms to serve as hubs for communities to re-connect with their land: physically, ecologically, culturally, and spiritually. I farmed in Ontario and Vermont for four years … Continue reading THE FARMHOUSE BARD ON LAND AND FARM START-UP

Land Opportunity: Dawson Creek, BC

Posted by Dana Penrice on April 25, 2018


About the Land This beautiful piece of land is located near Bay Tree, Alberta, this property is 20 minutes east of Dawson Creek close to the BC/Alberta border. It includes a quarter section with cleared and treed areas. The owner is currently growing Haskaps and raising chickens for meat, eggs and hatching eggs. There are lots of opportunities for new enterprises to make money.  About the Opportunity The land owner is looking for a young couple that hasn’t started a family yet to work alongside with the opportunity to buy into the land after a set period of time. There is a separate residence that would be … Continue reading Land Opportunity: Dawson Creek, BC


Posted by Darcy Smith on April 16, 2018


ABOUT THE LAND Located on 54 acres of ALR/A1 in Oyama, Lake Country, the property sits on a higher plateau overlooking Wood and Kalamalka Lakes. On the higher levels of the property, the Okanagan Lake can also be seen between the hills, giving this property a tri-lake view that’s quite spectacular. The property backs onto Crown land with many older trails that will be explored and developed in connecting and re-vitalizing The High Rim Trail (an older conduit linking Coldstream, Vernon area to Hwy 33 by Black Mountain behind Kelowna which follows the ridge of the mountains past Oyama, Beaver … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: PRADHA FARM, OYAMA BC

LAND OPPORTUNITY: Organic Market Garden, Salt Spring Island

Posted by Darcy Smith on April 16, 2018

July 2016 425

ABOUT THE LAND Our farm is a 70 acre farm of mixed pasture, hay, vegetables and berries. The market garden plot is .25 acres currently and can be expanded to 1 acre as needed. There is additional opportunity for more land to be used in veg and berry production as needed. We have barns, sheds etc onsite that house our equipment, sheep, and our poultry. We do not have a greenhouse currently but a hoop house or two is something we have in mind to put us as part of the future plan. There is road access to the garden, … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: Organic Market Garden, Salt Spring Island


Posted by Darcy Smith on April 04, 2018

hancock 3

ABOUT THE LAND The property consists of just over 1 acre of non-ALR land on a 5 acre property in the Hazelmere area of South Surrey. The land is currently a wildlife conservation and research centre for birds. It was used for vegetable crops from 2011-2012 but hasnt been farmed since. There are laying hens and goats on site as well as pheasants, cranes, waterfowl, etc. Goats are currently being used to keep blackberries and small shrubs under control. There is a 12 foot perimeter fence on the property. The farm has recently received Environmental Farm Plan certification. The property features … Continue reading LAND OPPORTUNITY: 1+ ACRE AT CONSERVATION SITE, SOUTH SURREY