LAND OPPORTUNITY: Land share on organic farm in development in Slocan Park

Posted by Hailey Troock on March 01, 2021 2 Comments

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This farming opportunity in development is located in Slocan Park, a small community of just over 120 households nestled in the Slocan Valley about 30 minutes from Nelson, BC.

The landholders have just purchased this property and keen to make some land available. Sunlight hours can be limited in winter months and somewhat shorter in this part of the valley in the summer than other growing areas because of the surrounding mountains. The landholders are looking into permanent water sources and the potential to dig a well spring/ summer 2022.


The property is mainly raw land and will have deer fence installation finished in 2022. There is an access road and a well will be dug. 1.5 acres is cleared but the land will need to be prepared for planting. Small garden beds were made 2021 and the landholders farming there started with indoor mushroom cultivation. They plan on selling nursery seedlings and will have a greenhouse on the land.


This opportunity is suitable for someone interested in regenerative practices. There will be natural water catchment systems and organic agriculture practices on the property. The land is unzoned.

The open area would be suitable for a farmer with capital, someone running a small business on the property. Sheep or small livestock could be grazing on the land and the landholders is open to collaborate on growing medicinal and native plants. They are open to chickens (meat or eggs). Someone interested in agroforestry and foraging – wild crafting in the correct management zones – is also welcome.

The landholders are open to someone who wants to do a market garden, has some cash crops in mind or wants to produce honey or medicinal mushrooms. They are  also open to perennials (berries, nut trees or fruit trees).

They will be fielding inquiries on a continuous basis to assess fit and interests first, hoping to make a long-term arrangement with the right individuals. They would consider a business partnership, land lease agreement, and are open to discussions.


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2 thoughts on “LAND OPPORTUNITY: Land share on organic farm in development in Slocan Park

  1. Hi there! Just wondering if jobs will be available to locals? I live in slocan park and am looking to be apart of a farm. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for your comment! This opportunity is for someone wanting to start a farm of their own, rather than employment. I have passed your inquiry on to the Land Matcher, Hailey, who will follow up.

      Cheers, Darcy

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