FILLED – LAND OPPORTUNITY: 2 Acre Parcel at Lohbrunner Community Farm – Langford, BC

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Lohbrunner Community Farm has a 2 acre parcel of fertile farmland to lease out to a passionate farmer beginning in 2022! Located in Langford, BC, this opportunity is very close to dense urban development, and a solid customer base. The land at Lohbrunner is located on a seasonal (winter) floodplain. This results in a shorter growing season than most other farms in the area (roughly April/May-October) but the soil is highly fertile (as is typical of floodplains), and grows amazing produce, while also holding moisture very well and requiring less irrigation early/late in the season. This land in particular grows great root crops like carrots and potatoes, but mixed vegetables in general do very well here. All the land at Lohbrunner Community Farm is certified organic by I.O.P.A. and a new farmer would be required to have their operation certified organic also – but there would be no “transition period” as the 2 acres up for lease would be moving from one certified organic operation to another (the new farmers’).

There is a lot of infrastructure in place to support farmers here. There is high quality, permanent deer fencing around the whole growing field, good driveway access (can accommodate large delivery vehicles and CSA and/or customers picking up produce on-farm); there is a metered irrigation hook-up to agricultural-rate municipal water; and there is also an 8’ x 16’ walk-in cooler, and a 20’ x 25’ wash/pack station, complete with wash tubs, municipal (potable) water hook ups, electricity, lighting, and shelving. The cooler and wash/pack station were built new in 2019, and were built to accommodate 2 farm businesses using them at once; and a new farmer will share them with another farm business that currently operates on site. There will also be housing available on the land in the 1950’s era 2 bedroom farmhouse. It is preferred that the new farmer lives in the farmhouse, but the land/farm infrastructure lease and house rental are separate agreements.

In addition, the outgoing (at the end of 2021) mixed vegetable market farmer has some infrastructure available for sale including a rodent-proof storage/tool shed, and a 20’ x 84’ steel framed greenhouse, along with some equipment/tools/supplies, if desired.


Lohbrunner Community Farm is held in a land trust by Farm Folk City Folk, and managed by the Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-op (LCFC), a not-for-profit community service cooperative. Leases between farmers and LCFC take the form of a trial year, and then 5 year rollover leases – meaning if it is the right fit, then a farmer could lease land here for 20+ years! And because of the above-mentioned infrastructure already in place, an incoming farmer could get up and running quickly and efficiently in 2022.

Because of the wet-in-winter nature of this land, interested farmers should be prepared to work off-farm in the winter, hustle extra hard in the summer in order to get through the winter months on summer/fall income, or have other financial supports (such as a part-time job or non-farming partner) as there is little-no opportunity for farming income from this property in the winter months.

To lease land here, you must become a member of the Co-op, and are expected to be involved in the management/decision making/meetings/co-op development that take place. However, there is an understanding of the seasonal nature of farming, and our farming members tend to bow out of meetings and co-op work during the farming season. Farmers are also left to make their own decisions around the day to day management of their operation (so long as they uphold certified organic status), though are required to get co-op approval for larger/more permanent projects or events. Because of the community nature of the farm, and the requirement to be a co-op member to farm here, this opportunity is best suited to someone experienced in farming who is mature, has good communication skills, is happy to attend co-op meetings in the off season, and who enjoys the buzz of a likeminded community and community/educational events on the property. However, if you are shy on experience but have a big passion for farming, we still encourage you to get in touch so we can all learn more about each other!

As we move further along the application process, we will also require a farm plan and references. We look forward to hearing from you!


This land opportunity is available through the B.C. Land Matching Program. If you are interested in this opportunity, reach out to the Vancouver Island Land Matcher, Azja, at to start a conversation!

Learn more about the land (and other Land Listings in your region) on the Young Agrarians UMAP. For more about the B.C. Land Matching Program, please visit

The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded on Vancouver Island by the Province of British Columbia, with support from the Real Estate Foundation of B.C. and Patagonia.

5 thoughts on “FILLED – LAND OPPORTUNITY: 2 Acre Parcel at Lohbrunner Community Farm – Langford, BC

  1. I would love to talk about this great opportunity. I am currently running an urban agriculture buisnes and would love to consolidate onto 1 property. I only use organic practices and mitigations. And also believe in biodynamics. I would have a group of 3-5 people who would share the work load.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comment! I will forward it to Azja, the Land Matcher for this opportunity. She will get back to you via email to learn about your vision and share about how the B.C. Land Matching Program works.


  2. I am a Social Justice 12 teacher at Belmont and I am interested in Food Security. Are you interested in hosting us on a tour?

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