LAND OPPORTUNITY: Seeking agrarians to support community food security and ecofriendly living, Moberly Lake BC

Posted by Jolene Swain on July 15, 2020

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The Niwatame Centre is an emerging eco-enterprise in the Rocky Mtn foothills in the Peace Region northeast British Columbia. The property is situated on the shores of Moberly Lake and is bisected at one end by Medicine Woman Creek.

Property owner Reg Whiten has lived in the Peace region since 1991, where he continues to operate an environmental and planning consulting practice InterraPlan Inc. Reg also enjoys cultural pursuits in music and international travel. He also provides support to a non-profit organization –  The Boreal Centre for Sustainability which promotes eco-friendly livelihood diversification and support for food, water and energy security.

As part of the shared use property, The Niwatame Centre is being created as a youth-focused social enterprise to support ecofriendly living and learning. The property has 5 acres of highly fertile alluvial soils with both cultivated land and mixed Boreal forest with various edible botanical plants. Land developments include a principal dwelling, cottage and outbuildings with stable water sources and infrastructure to supply a large permaculture garden, a new haskap berry plantation and other agro forestry species.


This opportunity is primarily aimed at supporting establishment of a berry u-pick enterprise, other permaculture growing and services related to ecotourism.  With comfortable year round cottage accommodation available under a minimum two year commitment, it is ideally suited to a keen, pair of energetic young agrarians interested in northern agro-ecology and supporting community food security.

Business micro-enterprise ventures include the direct marketing of harvested and value-added haskap berries, other (wild & grown) berries, harvesting of perennial species and annual food plants in a small market food plant orchard garden.  

As this is a small community in a remote region, applicants will need to blend work from other income sources, while providing sufficient time for progressive work to support  property maintenance leading to supplementary livelihood generation.


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