Posted by Fai Hui on January 24, 2023

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Located on Pioneer Road in Agassiz, this established 1 acre farm has prepared beds that have been solarised (to eliminate weeds) and are ready to grow. Equipment, infrastructure and irrigation are available. This farm specialises in growing mixed greens for salad and garlic. The landholder has developed the processes and systems that enable efficient production of a high quality crop.


This is an opportunity to leverage the land, infrastructure, production know-how and sales channels developed by the landholder to gain experience and deepen your farming practice. This is suitable for a novice grower with a high-level of commitment. The number of days per week may be discussed, but a commitment for the whole season is required.  The produce will be distributed by the landholder through his existing channels. The proceeds will be governed by a sharing agreement.

The landholder would like to help cultivate new growers by providing a well-rounded experience that includes not only production know-how but also the experience of running a business. The emphasise of this opportunity is to enable an aspiring farmer to experience all aspects of farming for a season or two with the hope that they will then be prepared to go on to establish their own farm.

If you’re interested, please send an email to with the link to this post, any relevant photos and a paragraph or two on each of the following topics:

  • About me
  • My farming experience


This land is available through the B.C. Land Matching Program. If you are interested in this land opportunity, please contact the Metro Vancouver – Fraser Valley Land Matcher, Fai Hui, at

Learn more about the land (and other Land Listings in your region) on the Young Agrarians UMAP. For more about the B.C. Land Matching Program, please visit

The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley by the Province of British Columbia, with support from Bullitt Foundation and Patagonia.

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