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Field House Farms washing veggies


Field House Farms is a multi-faceted farming project in Abbotsford, BC. They are looking for a Lead Farmer to manage their farm!


Field House Brewing is an award winning craft brewery in Abbotsford. We have started a farm with the goal of growing produce to input into our beer and food program. For the 2018 season, We partnered with 3 different farm partners to lease local ALR land.

JJ Mills was our boutique herb, hops, and berry farm on 0.25 acres in East Chilliwack. Maple Lanes was our 0.5 acre produce farm in Abbotsford growing our core crops of root vegetables, brassicas, alliums, greens, and nightshades. At Ecodairy in Abbotsford, we successfully grew 5 acres of Copeland barley which we will be malting for our beer program.

All goods produced from the 3 properties were used by our kitchen and brewery. Any excess produce was canned in our commercial kitchen or sold at our local Farmers Market, the Valley Food and Farm Thursday Market.

Field House Farms received a Grant from the Abbotsford Community Foundation for the 2018 season to bring this project to life and promote the relationship between a restaurant / brewery and a farm.


After a challenging, yet successful 2018 season on multiple farm properties, we are excited to be moving onto ONE farm location starting winter 2018! This property is 5 acres, and located 12 minutes down the road from our tasting room. The new Field House Farm location includes:

  • .75 acres of land for local produce
  • 2.5 acres of space for local grain and/or hops
  • Access to on-site ‘old growth’ fruit trees
  • A 4000 sq.ft. storage warehouse

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On Facebook: @fieldhousebrewing

Instagram: @fieldhousebrewing

Field House Farms


We are looking for an experienced and passionate farmer to join our team and lead our farm project. The ideal candidate would be able to start with us by January 1st in order to transition with our current farm team and plan the 2019 season. The lead farmer will be working closely with our Food Program Director to integrate farm produce into the food and beer program at the brewery. Since this is a new property, land will need to be prepared to be used for biodynamic small scale farming for the first time. Field House will be working on setting up all infrastructure needed for the new farm, including a greenhouse, irrigation, raised beds, cold storage, washing station, ideal candidate will be able to assist in setting up this infrastructure and processes.

As purveyors of the Good Life at Field House we work to ensure balance for our team and add value to their lives, and these values extend directly to our farming practices. We care deeply about supporting our local agriculture community and sourcing as locally and sustainably as possible. We believe that the flavour that comes through on the plate and in our beers is a direct product of the inputs and how it was grown in the first place. To that end, we farm as organically as possible without being certified. We love our community, and believe that if we can showcase the viability of small parcels of under-utilized ALR land in the Fraser Valley and the direct relationship in supporting a small restaurant and brewery can and will inspire others to do the same!

Field House Farms harvesting grain


  • 2-5 years of hands on experience on small biodynamic, organic farms with knowledge in small scale produce growing.
  • Experience operating small farm equipment
  • Knowledge of grain and hop growing and beekeeping will be a huge asset.
  • Hard working
  • Self directed and task oriented
  • High time management skills
  • Willingness and passion to learn
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to lead and teach a team
  • Excel experience a huge asset to utilize tracking metrics of farm progress

 Field House Farms harvest day


The Lead Farmer will be tasked with leading the planning and execution of the Field House Farms program. Job will include daily farming hands on, working long days, maximizing land use, and efficient harvesting. Candidate must be able to record daily progress log, input tracking metrics into Google Sheets weekly and monthly, and communicate with Chef and Brewing team on weekly availability. Lead farmer will be able to rally the troops and utilize the Field House Brewing staff for any extra hands needed.


Start date: Field House is looking for a long term farmer to grow the farm project. This position is open immediately with commitment to finishing the full 2019 farming season.

Weekly hours:  40-45 hours/week (flexible, depending on high / low season)

Hourly Wage: $20  / hour depending on experience. Farmer will keep mileage log book and will be reimbursed on driving hours between farms and brewery.

Benefits: As part of the Field House team, benefits include: 2 free beers a day, 50% off staff meals, 25% off merchandise.



Please provide: Casual introductory email explaining your passion for farming, food and community, and your resume with two references in the farming field to:


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