Young Agrarians BC Land Access Guide, Lease & Licence Templates

Posted by Sara Dent on February 05, 2014 43 Comments

The B.C. Land Access Guide is for beginning farmers wanting to pursue farming and find land. The guide shares the stories of a handful of young and new B.C. farmers and how they have accessed land. It has a checklist for assessing land for agricultural suitability, a breakdown of different types of land access arrangements, and a list of questions for when negotiating an arrangement with a landholder.

Click here to download the Young Agrarians B.C. Land Access Guide

The YA Lease and Licence templates were adapted by Young Agrarians and Linking Land and Farmers from FarmFolk CityFolk Society and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia’s “A Guide to Farmland Access Agreements.” The templates include clauses specific to agriculture and a plain English side-bar to support the user to understand how to work with the template.

***Please note: these templates are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each land sharing relationship will be unique and thus require a unique agreement. It is necessary to customize these templates for your situation. We strongly recommend that you connect with a Land Matcher through the B.C. Land Matching Program prior to using these templates. Land Matchers can tailor an agreement to meet your needs and situation and have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer, all at no cost to you.

Click here to download the Lease Template

Click here to download the Licence Template

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

If you are looking for land to farm, or you have land you’d like to lease to a farmer, please check out our B.C. Land Matching Program and reach out to


43 thoughts on “Young Agrarians BC Land Access Guide, Lease & Licence Templates

  1. I know a man in Merville (Comox Valley) who wants his farmland to be used. I don’t think he uses computers, but I will find a phone contact for him. How should I go about getting him added to the land-lease list?



  2. I’m about to leave a tenant farming situation in Kelowna and the landlord would like to find a new tenant here. (wants me to find a suitable replacement) Contact me and I’ll hook you up with them.

    1. Hello there! I know this is an old post, but we’re looking around the Kelowna area just to meet people and make connections to get started on finding a place we can live and farm. If you could shoot me a line and maybe start a conversation, I’d love to hear from you! All the best; -Jaren.

    2. Hello Peggy,

      I am so sorry to ask, but having the following information is a big help to me, before calling you. Would you please answer the following questions::

      1) Size of land (Area, W and L)
      2) Address of Land
      3) If Yearly or monthly rent, is fixed payment , how much is it?
      4) If yearly or monthly rent is part of production and sales, how much is it?
      5) Extra cost which is part of rent/lease?
      6) minimum lease period?
      7) What is the current product of land?
      8) Does land have any water-well or using creek,…?
      9) Any home on the land, which can be used by farmer?
      10) Any utility ( Electricity, Internet, phone, ….)
      11) Slope of Land and Direction of land. Does the land face south or


      1. Hi Shahriar, Thanks for your interest – just a note that the comment you are replying to is from 2015. If you are seeking land, please look at the Land Listings on our UMAP ( or at our land tools page and land blog (

  3. Do you have any resources for Determining the right farm rental rate in langley BC? Specifically for Cattle grazing.

  4. My partner and I have an 8 acre parcel with about four acres of very old apple trees in North Glenmore, which is in the northern part of Kelowna. We are interested in leasing about four acres on a three to five year lease with the option for ongoing renewal.

    The property is serviced by Glenmore Ellison water. It is inside 10km from downtown Kelowna. Almost all of the land is sloped and air drains well. The soil is Glenmore clay. It has excellent water holding, but can be hard to work when very wet or when very dry. The other half of the property will host 2-4 horses. Am open to some form of rotation, where green manure and horse manure can complement each other.

    We live on the adjacent property, and have a two bedroom legal basement suite. It is presently (May 2016) unoccupied. We are open to leasing that as well, if being near the land would be more conducive to farming it.

    I can be contacted at

    1. Hi Akonyu, Primarily, a lease grants the lessee “exclusive possession of the lands”, while a licence grants more limited permission of use. The Land Access Guide has more detailed information about lease vs licence.

  5. Hi there, I want to rent a small portion from a farm to build a small green house for micro-greens business in Richmond or Surrey or Burnaby or somewhere else in Greater of Vancouver, the closer to Richmond the better. Please text me at 1-250-879-2262

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve let our Metro Vancouver Land Matchers know to contact you.


  6. Hello Y’all,

    I am in Vancouver Island and looking for a farm or farm land to lease in Central Saanich or Sydney areas.

    Please contact me directly

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your comment. The Vancouver Island Land Matcher, Azja, will reach out to you via email.


      1. Hi Daniel,

        Are you interested in land? Let me know what region you are interested in and I will put you in touch with one of our land matchers.


  7. Hello ,

    We are three friends who want to rent an acre of land in Surrey / Abbotsford / Langley area. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Kartik,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve passed along your message to the Metro Vancouver Land Matcher, Ashlee. She’ll get in touch with you via email with available land opportunities etc.


  8. Thank you Michi.

    Quick question, do you know where I can find a farmland lease rates for the Saanich Peninsula here in BC ?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Good question. I’ve asked the Vancouver Island Land Matcher, Azja. She will get in touch with you via email about rates in the area.


  9. Sorry my message is meant for Michalina thanks you. I am looking for land around Freser Valley area

    1. Hi Ayodeji,

      Thanks for your comment. Our Lower Mainland-Fraser Valley Land Matcher, Ashlee, will reach out to you via email.


      1. Hi, I never got any reply from Mainland-Fraser Valley Land Matcher, Ashlee please is it possible to give her reminder again. Am very interested in the program

      2. Hello Michalina I was wondering if there anyway I could get the contact information of the Land Matcher for lower mainland- Fraser Valley area so I can email. Thanks

    1. Hi Denis,

      Thanks for your question. I’ll forward it to one of our Land Matchers, and they will reply via email.


  10. My partner and I have been looking for an opportunity to farm. Shes gone to school for horticulture production and Iove building things. We make a fantastic team and want to make the leap. We want to try and find a land match on Vancouver island- ideally- we need help!

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward it to Azja, the Land Matcher for this opportunity. She will answer your questions via email.


  11. We have a farmland for rent in Sept 2022 located in Prince George which is over 1300 acres. For whom may interested in renting our farmland may contact me through my email. My email address is [deleted].
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Alison,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward it to Morgan, the land matcher for Central & Northern BC. She will get back to you via email.


  12. hi there, my names christopher and together with my partner selina we would like to start our own farm/homestead/sustainable agriculture system or science development center. in short, we are very eager, middle aged, hardworking, optimistic and extremely passionate about the new agri business possibilities. we would like some mentorship/guidance and are here to look for new connections to do just that!! so please contact us anytime 24/7 @ 7789183105 or at for any advice or suggestions or
    any land or homestead opportunities thanks

    1. Hi Selina and Christopher! What a wonderful message to read 🙂

      I could suggest you take a look at the Business Mentorship Network, which is now open for applications for 2023:

      If you would like to find land opportunities, please reach out to Darcy at and let her know which region you’re based in.

      Wishing you all the best on your new adventures, and reach out any time for further support.


  13. My husband and I recently bought a 50 acres of farm land in Merrit BC Canada. Looking for farmer or farmers that is / are interested to lease portion of the farm

  14. Hello,
    I am looking for a smaller patch of land to lease/partner, to grow a market garden veggies, garlic and eggs. I am middle aged, strong and eager, experienced in gardening.
    Kamloops/Lillooet area.

    1. Hi Renata!

      Thanks for reaching out! I have forwarded your message to the land matcher for your region. They will be in touch soon.


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