YA invite – 2nd Annual Purple Thistle Gardens Harvest Shakedown!

Posted by Adam Huggins on October 04, 2012

Hey Young Agrarians,

this is an invitation to you and your loved ones and friends to come on down and celebrate our second season of troublemaking down in the industrial lowlands of East Van!  Our harvest, however sweet it may be, also coincides with the threat of destruction: the recently resurrected fossilized corpse of the Gateway Project is proposing to build a freeway directly over both our food forest and the incomparable and well beloved Cottonwood Community Gardens.  If we don’t want to be strapping ourselves to young apple trees (and old Chinese Chestnuts) anytime soon, now is the time to show there is a huge community in between the bulldozers and our fledgling ecologies!  We are currently plotting some related activities and will be looking forward to seeing all of you sharing food, fun, and your voices on the 14th!

When: Sunday October 14th, from 12pm-5pm

Where: The Purple Thistle Collective Food Forest – corner of Charles St. and Vernon Dr. in East Van

Come and help us celebrate the end of our third season and the coming of fall! We will be installing an irrigation system in our food forest, playing games, eating food, and enjoying music and company together! There will be free food prepared, an open mic, activities for kids, games, and surprises. Rain or shine!  All welcome – bring yr friends!

More info at http://radiclebeets.wordpress.com.

Any questions, send on to marlarenn@gmail.com.