Posted by Darcy Smith on August 31, 2017

Echinacea field at Clear Sky Farm

Zen & a Food Forest: Farm & Food Forest Caretaker at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC

Do you love learning and growing? Would you like to live in a community based on the values of awakening and compassion? Would you like to connect with yourself, others and the natural world more deeply

If you answered Yes!, and you have a particular interest in farming and food forests, we invite you to apply for our 2017 Food Forest Caretaker karma yoga position.

Farm and Food Forest Karma Yoga Position

If you have a particular interest in farming and food forests, then we invite you to apply for our 2017 Food Forest Caretaker karma yoga position. Clear Sky is proudly home to one of Canada’s largest cold climate food forests. Designed in 2012 and planted in 2013, the food forest is a one acre demonstration model of sustainable agro-forestry.

FF3Ideally, you would have some experience with farming, gardening, permaculture and food forests. Caring for the food forest requires use of a tractor, weed whacker and other tools. The daily karma yoga for this position includes tasks such as weeding, irrigation, plant care, harvesting, sales and tracking, as well as general clear sky karma yoga in the kitchen or elsewhere on property.

Length of Stay

The 2017 main farm karma yoga position is a six to twelve month commitment. All positions have a one month trial period.  There are also shorter stays available for general farm karma yoga – please let us know what your time availability is.


From the karma yoga program you will receive spiritual, life and career building opportunities. Karma yoga program participants who are accepted for a more than three month stay will receive meals and accommodation for the length of their stay, to the value of $750 per month, with a minimum one month trial period.

Why Live and practice Karma Yoga at Clear Sky Meditation Centre?

Clear Sky is a retreat centre in the Rocky Mountains of Eastern BC. For over 11 years have provided a focused sanctuary for personal growth and unfoldment. We call our centre a ‘310 acre meditation cushion’, and also use the land as wisely as we can through sustainable agriculture and native plant restoration.

The spiritual work we do at Clear Sky is two fold – 1) we practice meditation and selfless service (karma yoga) to gain self awareness & insight, and 2) we participate in wisdom teachings from resident and guest teachers to cultivate inspiration & understanding.

FF1Karma yoga or selfless service is an important part of what we do, because it builds skills, helps us learn to walk our spiritual talk and put ourselves into meaningful engagement with other people. Meditating on your own and attending to spiritual classes might be rewarding on their own, but we believe that karma yoga is a training ground for us to really practice awareness, compassion and wisdom in the world.

Join our Karma Yoga Program

We offer our karma yoga program to courageous individuals who want to fully immerse themselves in a community founded on principles of compassion and self development. The program is intense, challenging and therefore also hugely rewarding. With daily meditation practice, a full schedule of karma yoga, classes and community meetings, together we meet our walls, see our patterns and grow together.

How to Apply

Eligible candidates join for a six to twelve month commitment with a one-month trial period. To learn more about Clear ky Farm and to apply for this position, please visit: