Slow Food Youth Network Terra Madre 2012!

Posted by Sara Dent on November 01, 2012 1 Comment

Carlo Petrini Dancing-1

We’re just back from Slow Food Internationals 2012 Terra Madre event in Turin, Italy. It was an honour to be there as a representative of Young Agrarians- thanks to the fundraising efforts of Slow Food Vancouver and FarmFolk CityFolk. The global youth food movement is doing good things everywhere. It’s amazing to feel part of something bigger focused on ‘good, clean, fair’ foods. We connected with and tasted foods from peoples all over the world. It is impressive the scale at which Slow Food International is networked.

I have some prep to do for Food Secure Canada’s conference this weekend. Seann Dory is going on behalf of Young Agrarians and SOLEFood Farms to participate in a national panel and roundtable on young farmers. As well, BC Seeds is around the corner November 9-11 and we’re working to get young folk there. So- much work to do and many photos to edit from Turin. I’ll write a longer report back type post in the weeks to come. For now, here is an inspiring and fun video to share of Slow Food International’s founder Carlo Petrini dancing with young food activists who are part of the Slow Food Youth Network!

In Farm Love,

Sara D.

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