September 21 & 26: Workshops for the Beef Connoisseur, Calgary, AB

Posted by Dana Penrice on September 11, 2015

Finding the perfect piece of meat can be like finding perfect glass of wine. (We’re talking about beef here people, for those looking for the other ‘fine piece of meat’ skip on to your favorite farm dating site!)

September 21st: For the professional chef, butcher and beef producer
Organic Alberta is hosting a technical workshops on the craft of carcass utilization. A master butcher will demonstrate how to disassemble primal, sub-primal and retail cuts from both hind and front quarters. Class room style learning will focus on the lesser known cuts, the so called ‘hidden gems’ of the beef carcass.

September 26th: For the home chef, cook and foodie
Participants will be introduced to flavourful and cost effective cuts. A master butcher will demonstrate the fine art of breaking down beautiful cuts that are right for the dinner table. Through classroom learning, participants will gain the confidence to properly handle and cook alternative cuts of beef that are locally sourced.

Workshops are $65/person and include lunch featuring local, organic beef.


  • Marty Carpenter,  a culinary professional, Marty is a Certified Chef de Cuisine with over 14 years of experience marketing Canadian beef.
  • Abe van Melle, over 27 years of experience heading the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology meat cutting program.

For more information go to the Organic Alberta webpage.

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