Mason Street Farm 2015 Apprenticeship Program

Posted by Jess Brown on January 09, 2015

Application Deadline: January 20th 2015
Interviews: February 5 & 6 2015

Link to application:  Apprenticeship-Application-2015

About the Apprenticeship:

This apprenticeship is well suited for individuals with a strong work ethic who are seeking a career path in ecological food production. Many days of this apprenticeship will be fun and enjoyable. Many days will be challenging, wet and monotonous. You will be experiencing life as a production farmer.  We will be serving coffee!

The Mason Street City Farm is offering 3 full season paid apprenticeships for the 2015 growing season. Apprentices work 2 full days per week with a stipend of $75 per day. This is equivalent to a $650 monthly stipend. Apprentices  are responsible for providing their own room and board in Victoria.

When: April 1, 2015 – September 25, 2015  (6-month apprenticeship)

Where: 1032 Mason St. The lions share of our work happens onsite but there will be field trips!

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What will you learn?

Urban Farm apprentices work in all areas of our community food business including farm planning, obtaining supplies, propagation, planting, harvesting, soil building, caring for chickens, greenhouse construction, aquaponics, volunteer management, food deliveries, marketing, community outreach, fundraising, administrative work and record-keeping.

Each apprentice will gain the experience of  coordinating the farms primary systems though a revolving monthly schedule. These roles include:

-Harvest Coordinator
-Nursery Coordinator
-Fertility Coordinator
-Aquaponics Coordinator
-Livestock Coordinator
-Crop Rotation Coordinator

tara and Sarah

Apprentices will be included in our collective decision-making process.

Ideally our applicants will possess some of the skills outlined below, although not all are required:

-Experience and willingness to do hard manual labour and to lift at least 50 pounds
-Self motivated and passionate about growing food in the city
-Ability to stay on task while handling multiple distractions
-Capable of taking direction
-Capable of taking initiative and solving problems
-Comfortable working with a diverse group of people
-Outgoing and friendly with the public
-Comfortable directing volunteers
-Attention to detail (organized farm site, tool maintenance etc.)
-Organizational skills (record-keeping, planning, managing schedules, e-mail, etc)
-Basic construction skills preferred, not required.
-Basic computer skills preferred, not required (Word, Excel, e-mail, social media etc.)

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to schedule a working interview on February 5th or 6th.  We want to meet and work with you on the farm to determine a mutual fit for the apprenticeship program.

Contact for assistance.

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