LAND OPPORTUNITY: Market garden, orchard and pasture in Passmore

Posted by Hailey Troock on September 21, 2021

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The landholders of this opportunity in the Slocan Valley, in Passmore, are looking for the right farmer/s to use their land for market garden, help with the orchard and take advantage of a large, sunny pasture! The 20 acre property currently have some small livestock on the property and the owners reside there.


The land can accommodate a market garden in the already fenced area, which is also irrigated. The property has a mixed orchard and area for pasture for other small livestock. There is also an already existing dug out area that could be used for aquaculture.

The owners have equipment and tools that can be shared with the farmers on the land. They are interested in support with the orchard in exchange for sharing more space on the land.

Yurt for sale / with or without lease on land: The current tenant leasing land within walking distance of the farming opportunity on the same property is leaving the property and is selling is a yurt, platform, fixtures, and various tools/equipment for $30,000.

If someone is interested in farming the land, buying the yurt and taking over the lease, it would be $400 per month lease on 10 unfenced forested acres with access to the available cultivable land and fenced pasture area. What’s included:

– 20ft “yurts by design” yurt with snow and wind kit and extra window
– insulated elevated platform with pine and laminate flooring and front steps (platform designed for ability to take down and reassemble)
– full solar set-up (4 100 watt solar panels, with adjustable stands, 2 100wh 12v deep cycle lead acid batteries, Novopal 2000w Pure Sine Wave power Inverter 12V DC to 110V/120V, mppt 60amp charge controller)
– DIY insulation and upholstery on walls and ceiling
– built in bathroom walls and kitchen cabinates
– Lots of tools and supplies, including
– 10ft aluminum ladder
– gas powered grass trimmer
– start link satellite for wifi
– 2 1000 liter water storage containers
– composting toilet kit (still needs to be built in, if so desired)
– propane bbq
– outdoor table with patio umbrella and 4 outdoor chairs
– mini fridge
– landscaping/gardening tools, planters, and wheelbarrow
– 4 8×10 shade sails
– 10×10 pop up tent
– rough cut lumber
– fencing
– 10×20 shelter logic carport tent (in need of repairs, but still functional)
– tarps

What it needs/could use:
– heat source (propane or woodstove)
– cook stove
– outhouse and propane shower
– grey water pit (dug but not complete)
– winter insulation (can finish the diy, or order full insulation kit from manufacturer for another $5000 including tax and shipping).


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