LAND OPPORTUNITY – Home and Land Share for Self-Sufficiency – Gabriola Island, BC

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on February 23, 2022 3 Comments


This is an opportunity is to share a home and 1/2 property on Gabriola Island. The land has southern exposure with a gentle slope and sandy/loamy soil. Approximately 1/4 acre is fenced for gardening and is available for use. The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double wide modular home.


I am looking for a housemate for team effort on this small piece of great property for gardening and self sustainability.
I will be away for 5-6 months and home for 5-6 months of each year, and am looking for a responsible housemate who is keen to establish self sustainability as much as possible, making use of the 1/4 acre garden space. Having a general knowledge in gardening, gravity fed irrigation and various projects would be fine. Establishing a cash crop and medicinal herbs, along with a personal garden would be ideal. Nothing fancy, just functional.
A single housemate who is CLEAN and organized is essential. As I am home for half the year harmonious living is key, and as I am away half the year self reliance and ability to manage the space independently is also important. As long as you have good intentions and a good, honest heart, I wouldn’t mind the saltier type of personality. Ideally you understand what gulf island living is all about and summertime water usage.


Reach out to Wanita at to start a conversation.

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