LAND OPPORTUNITY: 3 Acre Ecological Farm Seeks New Farmer – Saanich, BC

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on June 30, 2021 1 Comment

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This three acre farm has been in production since at least the 1970s. The current farmer, who grew mixed vegetables using organic and regenerative farming practices, is leaving the site and the landholders are seeking a new farmer.

The land is mostly flat, with good exposure, and in a cool pocket of the Saanich peninsula with easy access off West Saanich Road. Much of the land is not currently in active production so weeds have overgrown areas and cultivation, solarization, etc will be necessary to bring most areas back into production zones. It is important that whoever takes on this site will have a plan for effectively managing the whole of the three acre site.

A 15×50 greenhouse is available for the farmer’s use, as well as a small established fruit and hazelnut orchard. Irrigation is from a trickle fill cistern which provides 600 gallons per day. Water has to be used mindfully, but has been enough for past farmers (provided no hoses are left running accidentally!). Deer fencing posts are in place, and mesh or wire fencing needs to be enhanced and maintained by the farmer as needed for their operation. Use of buildings or building new structures on the land is to be discussed.


This opportunity is for an experienced farmer with a solid business plan and good communication skills. The landholders are open to different production types on the land, and would be happy for the site to be certified organic if the leasing farmer wanted to pursue that status. The intention is for this arrangement to be sustainable for all parties in the long term, but start with a trial period.

The landholders live on the land and would like to have privacy in their home space. This is not an opportunity for having a farm stand or inviting members of the public to the land.


This land opportunity is available through the B.C. Land Matching Program. Reach out to the Vancouver Island Land Matcher at to start a conversation and learn about next steps.

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The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded on Vancouver Island by the Province of British Columbia, with support from Patagonia.

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  1. Hi Iam a farmer the land I lease now has been sold for development and have a very short time to find something. We are a family. I breed 9 female Yorkshire pigs, I have chickens turkeys and goats, and a goose named Gus and two baby geese Elvis and precila. I bring in a very nice assessment thanks Angela from cockadoodledoo family farm

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