LAND OPPORTUNITY: 1-3 Acres for Veggie Production, Surrey BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on November 10, 2017

Field of Burdock Root at Surrey Land Opportunity

About the Land

The land is a total of 20 acres, with about 10 acres in wild grasses and the remainder in annual crops and orchard. The current farmer has owned the land for 20 years, prior to which it was a steer operation. The farmer specializes in Japanese fruits vegetables, including an Asian pear orchard. There is also a U-PICK strawberry patch on the land, and a weekend on-farm market. The farmer-owner resides on the land part time, and another farmer lives on the land in an RV.

The soil is very fertile: peat moss, rich and black. The farmer uses organic practices. The land relies on an artesian well for water, which can lead to water shortages in the summer.

Japanese yam growing up trellises on Surrey land opportunity

About the Opportunity

The land owner would like to focus on his orchard, leaving room for someone to take over the veggie portion of his operation. There are 1-3 acres available and ready to farm for ground crops. The land owner is open to different possibilities depending on applicants: potentially a lease or partnership of some kind. There is also a possibility of using a portion or all of the 10 acres that are currently in wild grass; however that land is set lower than the portion that is already cultivated and stays wet longer.

The ideal fit for this opportunity would be good at communicating and cooperating as there are already a number of farm activities on the land and everything is shared, from water and electricity to machinery and storage. As there can be water shortages in the summer, wise use of the shared water is a priority.

For more information, please see the UMAP Land Listing.

Asian pear tree at Surrey land matching opportunity

Get in Touch

Please reach out to Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians Lower Mainland Land Matcher at if you are interested in this land opportunity. Be sure to describe your experience in agriculture and your vision for the land.


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