Land: Central Alberta – Purebred Cow/Calf Farm

Posted by Dana Penrice on March 03, 2017

Farmer Wanted

Earn your way to own a small cow/calf farm in Central Alberta.

We are offering this opportunity to s sincere person or couple that has experience with cattle and related equipment.

This opportunity involves a small purebred her on an established facility that focuses on the welfare of the animals and the environment. We are almost ready to retire. Therefore, we are looking for a young person(s) to work with us, with the goal of taking over the farm.

We are looking for someone with a great interest in cattle. The applicant must be of good character, physically capable and, hopefully, have some experience with livestock. The right person should also have a great respect for the environment. Any experience with equipment would be a desirable asset. We are willing to help as long as needed to get the right person(s) for the job trained.

Seasonal work, as follows:

Winter: Feeding and bedding, pushing snow, piling up manure, vaccinating cows, calving, processing calves, keeping records.

Spring: Re-vaccinating yearlings, vaccinating and tattooing calves prior to moving them to pastures. Field work, repairing fences, getting equipment ready for haying, etc.

Summer:  Haying, gardening and other yard work, checking cattle, eradicating weeds and pests.

Fall: Spreading composted manure. Re-vaccinating calves before weaning. Halter breaking calves.

As required, anytime: Cutting down dead trees, treating a sick animal, keeping the bookwork up-to-date, fixing/maintaining equipment and building, ets. Attend farm-related meeting, and keeping in touch with customers. Marketing cattle and participating at cattle shows.

Our farm is located in Central Alberta and has a good set-up for our cow/calf operation. Our home on the farm is not huge but well maintained, clean, comfortable and practical.

We have all the equipment needed to break land and put up hay. We have a very tame herd of cattle, that are a pleasure to work with. We check the cows on foot or on horseback. We love nature and take great care of it. We are not completely “organic”, but the use of chemicals is absolutely necessary, we do so with great care.

The ideal applicant should also be aware of the fact that farming is not an easy undertaking and at the beginning it would be beneficial to get some off-farm income. Therefore, this farm would be particularly suitable for someone with a certificate in mechanics or welding, as we are located in proximity of various employment opportunities for work, if the applicant’s experience is in that direction.

Please send your resume and contact information to:

Thank you.


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