July 15 & 16: Arrow Hills Grazing School – Lenore, MB

Posted by Dana Penrice on June 02, 2023

Welcome to the Arrow Hills Grazing School – an exciting, hands-on event for anyone interested in learning about sustainable grazing practices! Join us on July 15 & 16 at Hodgins Farm, Lenore, MB for two full days of interactive workshops, expert-led discussions, LOTS of field time and networking opportunities with fellow graziers.

At Arrow Hills Grazing School, you’ll gain practical knowledge on how to optimize your grazing system, improve soil health, and increase profitability. Our experienced instructors will cover:

  • key principles to guide your grazing
  • practical fencing and infrastructure tools and tips for grazing cattle
  • determining how much grass you are growing and how many animals you can put on it
  • benefits of utilizing adaptive multi-paddock grazing (economic, environmental & social)
  • monitoring to know if you are improving your land
  • diagnosing problem areas and figuring out what tools might solve it

See firsthand how these practices are implemented. Whether you’re a seasoned grazier or just starting out, Arrow Hills Grazing School is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Don’t miss out on this unique event – register today!


Cameron Hodgins is a third-generation farmer near Lenore, MB. He and his family have been working on improving soil, water and ecosystems utilizing Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing for over 15 years. Cameron is a Grazing Mentor with the Advanced Grazing Systems in collaboration with Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives and has been working with producers across Manitoba to design grazing plans and improve pasture management.

Dana Penrice farms near Shoal Lake Manitoba with her partner and in-laws. She is an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute and teaches Holistic Management. Dana brought the Ecological Outcome Verification program to the Prairies and works with producers to better understand the ecological health and production of the grasslands they manage. Dana has experience with cattle, sheep and chickens.


Bring the whole family! Lisa Hodgins will be offering a kids program during the grazing school. Fun and educational activities will be planned. Make sure to add your kids and provide their ages when you register.


Thank you to the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative , Farmers for Climate Solutions and the Canadian Grassland and Forage Association for sponsoring the hall. And thank you to the Assiniboine West Watershed District and ALUS for sponsoring the meals. And to Holistic Management Canada for promotional support.


Flexible Fee. When registering for this event, you can choose how much to pay for it, depending on what feels right to you and your context. We believe in making this opportunity accessible to everyone. We trust you to choose an amount that is right for you. Your contribution will go towards the instructor fees.

Register here. 

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