Job: True North Heritage Hatchery, Armstrong, BC

Posted by Emily Jubenvill on September 12, 2017 7 Comments

Job Description: Resident farm worker(s):

  • Single person, couple or small family, available for flexible hours for half to full time work (seasonal).
  • Farming experience or graduate of agricultural education program.
  • Keen interest in heritage chickens: breeding them, selling them and the unique business we are growing.
  • Mechanical, plumbing, electrical and construction skills, operation and maintenance of a skid steer and BCS tractor, familiar with common tools and equipment, good at fixing things and generally resourceful.  References for these things.
  • Good health.  No allergies to animals, dust or common farm things.  Driver’s license with clean driving record.
  • Assistance with office work, order taking, bookkeeping and filing would also be valuable.
About the farm:
True North Heritage Hatchery is a 39 acre chicken breeding farm focused on restoring heritage breeds to their original productivity and genetic health.  Animal welfare and health are our top priority.  We currently maintain 1,200 breeding birds in 7 groups (2 layer, 1 meat, 4 dual purpose) to produce hatching eggs for chick sales.  We hatch at a commercial hatchery in Chilliwack, so there is a lot of driving every week.  We sell day old chicks all across Canada.  We also sell pullets reared in our state-of-the-art pullet rearing barn.  The chicken section of the farm is not organic certified but chooses organic options whenever feasible, and we also have 23 organic acres leased out for grain production.Contact info: Emily Robertson, or 250-546-0106 (landline at farm) or 604-308-6148 (cell phone)

Remuneration:  The pay is hourly based on daily time records, and the hourly rate to be determined by the skill and experience level(s) of the worker(s).  The first $1,200 pays rent on the worker’s residence, a 70′ mobile home in excellent condition, with parking space for several vehicles.  During our slow season (Oct – Dec) the work will rarely exceed 20 hours per week but in the high season (March – Aug) will often be 40+ hours per week. Tenants also get unlimited table eggs, chicken, a share from the large food garden and fruit trees, and milk when the cow is fresh.

Note:  This job suits a person who is a student, or employed part-time (half time or less), or a stay-at-home parent, or who works at home on a flexible schedule.  It does not suit people who are working elsewhere long hours, commuting long distances, or spending most of their time elsewhere for any reason.  

7 thoughts on “Job: True North Heritage Hatchery, Armstrong, BC

  1. Hi I am in NB and am looking for for the following either fertile hatching eggs or chicks:

    Black Copper Maran
    Silver Leghorn
    Sweedish Flower hen

    Do you have any of those breeds? If so what is your price?

    1. Hi Sherry,

      A fellow commenter has shared this: Matthew at grade eh farms has those breeds you are looking for and more!


  2. Do you raise White Turkeys for sale.. babies, 1 day old’s ?
    If not, Could you recommend any one who does… Thank you very much.. Helen & Chuck

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Matthew at grade eh farms has those breeds you are looking for and more!
    Hope that helps.
    Thanks, Kelly

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