January 2017: Chilliwack, BC – Active Hope Workshop Series

Posted by Moss Dance on November 30, 2016


The Valley Permaculture Guild presents:

Active Hope Workshop Series:

How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy!

Many of us feel overwhelmed by climate change.
We want to do something, but the problem seems too big and scary.

So we go on with our busy lives and pretend it’s not happening.

But deep down, we know we need to be a part of the solution.

This workshop series, Active Hope, will present group discussions and activities meant to move us from paralysis to action!

We’ll be reading and discussing the book “Active Hope,” by the Buddhist eco-activist Joanna Macy, which has helped thousands of people all over the world to address the root psychological barriers that keep us from facing the mess that we’re in.


Who is this for?

Anyone who is concerned about climate change and wants to do more. Or anyone who is already acting and wants to strengthen their commitment.


SIX sessions, every other week, starting in early January 2017 (exact dates and times TBD – it’ll depend on everyone’s schedules)


Chilliwack (exact location TBD)


$45 (including a copy of Active Hope valued at $25).


email us your name and phone number and we’ll get in touch! Please respond by December 17th so we know who’s interested.

About Joanna Macy and Active Hope

permacultureJoanna Macy is a world-renowned scholar and philosopher of Buddhism and deep ecology. She is a highly respected voice in the movements for peace, justice, and the environment. She has created a ground-breaking theoretical framework for personal and social change. Her work helps people transform despair and apathy in the face of overwhelming ecological and social crises into constructive and collaborative action. Her workshop series takes a four-part approach: focusing first on expressing gratitude, then honouring our pain about environmental devastation, then developing hope and vision, then going forth in action.

Find out more about Active Hope: http://activehope.info/index.html

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