Farmer Podcast Club: The Collaborative Farming Podcast – When Marginalized Communities Organize & Lead Themselves with Liberation Farm

Posted by Alex on May 01, 2023

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When Marginalized Communities Organize & Lead Themselves with Liberation Farm – The Collaborative Farming Podcast

The Collaborative Farming Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Released April 28, 2022

“Liberation Farms is food justice in action. It is a demonstration of the success that is possible when marginalized communities have the opportunity to organize and lead themselves.”

Today, we hear from Lana and Muhidin, the farm manager and executive director respectively, of Liberation Farms in Lewiston, Maine. Liberation farms is a 200+ acre farm in the Little Jubba Agrarian Commons. Sound familiar? This was one of the first farms moved into the agrarian commons framework by the Agrarian Trust (listen to my conversation with them here).

Lana and Muhidin tell us how the farm and commons began, how the land is used to meet the personal, economic, and cultural needs of the Somali Bantu community, the ways in which the farmers self-organize into iskashito groups, a little about access to farmland in Somalia, and how they are working to bridge the agricultural divide between Somalia and the US as well as current and future generations of Somali Bantu farmers.

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