Farmer Podcast Club: Frontiers of Commoning – Agrarian Trust with Severine von Tscharner Fleming & Ian McSweeney

Posted by Alex on February 01, 2023

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Agrarian Trust with Severine von Tscharner Fleming & Ian McSweeney – Frontiers of Commoning

Released December 31, 2020

Severine von Tscharner Fleming is a young organic farmer who helped start Agrarian Trust, an organization supporting land access for the next generation of farmers. Ian McSweeney, the organizational director of Agrarian Trust, explains strategies for decommodifying land for farmers even as the pandemic drives up land prices. Also discussed: Greenhorns, a cultural network for young farmers; Farm Hack, a global design community for open source farm equipment; and Seaweed Commons, a network studying the stewardship of intertidal zones.

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