Farm Resilience Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Farm Resilience Mentorship (FaRM) Program, a mentorship program to scale adoption of on-farm climate-friendly practices across 2 million acres of farmland in Canada.

Young Agrarians is partnering with Farmers for Climate Solutions to deliver the program in BC. Not in BC? Find your regional implementing partner here.

Through online peer-to-peer learning, FaRM will provide free training and mentorship to 10,000 farmers and ranchers on:

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*Please note that you will be redirected to the CFGA website to register.


This comprehensive and supported mentorship program will equip farmers with concrete tools to adopt practices that can benefit the environment and their livelihoods. Through FaRM, farmers will have access to:

  • Online course materials (and possibly in-person meet ups)
  • Mentor instruction in a small cohort (8-12 participants) of other farmers from their region
  • Monthly mentor check-ins, where you can troubleshoot and brainstorm with other farmers, and receive input from Mentors
  • 1:1 follow-up support with Mentors
  • Farmers who complete FaRM will leave with a management plan to support on-farm implementation

Ferme Croque-Saisons in Lingwick, Quebec. Photo by: Family Farmers Network


How much does this mentorship cost?

It’s free to join FaRM! We are offering this training at no cost to farmers.

How many courses can I take?

You can join any or all of the three learning streams, there is no limit.

Do I have to be a member of a farm organization to participate in this mentorship?

No, you do not need to be a member of a farm organization to join FaRM.

What kind of computer or internet connection do I need to participate in this mentorship?

During this pilot year of FaRM, participants will need access to a computer, email address, and high-speed internet connection. If you do not have a personal computer, a public library computer will work.

I am Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind or have Low Vision, can you accommodate me?

Please contact Crystal Arsenault at to discuss how we can best work together to meet your needs.

I would like to take these courses in a language other than English or French, can you accommodate me?

Please contact Crystal Arsenault at to discuss how we can best work together to meet your needs.

Can I still access the course materials after I have completed the training?

Yes! You will have unlimited access to the online learning system for a year. You will also have access to all course material to consult and share at any time; we want these resources to be widely available!

The FaRM program and the On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) are separate programs that are only informally related. Both focus on the same 3 BMP areas. Both also offer training in the 3 BMP areas, though the training differs in each. Contact your regional OFCAF recipient for OFCAF payment and eligibility details.


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