FARM JOB: VICTORIA, BC – Seed and Field Crop Grower, Saanich Organics

Posted by Moss Dance on January 30, 2019

Saanich Organics is seeking a Seed and Field Crop Grower for the 2019 season!


Saanich Organics is a trio of hard working, dedicated farmers from small to medium certified organic farms who have been working together since 2002. In 2008 we started a seed production arm to compliment our vegetable production and because of the dire need for farmers to keep control of our seed supply.

The three farmers come together twice a week during the high season to our packing building located at Northbrook Farm in the Mt Newton Valley. Northbrook is also the location of the seed business and the greenhouse and field crops that accompany it. Together we sell our produce through a CSA, to restaurants and grocers, and two farmers markets. We employ an admin/sales person, a CSA manager, a seed manager, two drivers, a bookkeeper, and several farmhands.

We hold several events throughout the season to help foster community among our farmhands, notably a Spring potluck, a zucchini bake-off and a year end dinner party to show our deep appreciation for those who make Saanich Organics what it is.

We find deep satisfaction in working hard in our small corner of the food system to do things better. We strive to sustain our agricultural land, our community, our families, and ourselves by growing and marketing top quality organic fruits and vegetables for individuals, chefs, and grocers in and around Victoria. We value fairness and respect in our working environment with an emphasis on education and fostering future farmers.

Saanich Organics foundersHeather, Robin, and Rachel, the founders of Saanich Organics


Our seed line, called “Seeds of the Revolution,” is in large part a response to increasing corporate domination of the global seed supply. Though currently a marginal enterprise financially, we are committed to growing it to the point of financial stability and eventually, a stable supply for ourselves, other farmers, and home gardeners.


We are seeking a Seed Production and Field Crop Grower for approx 1.25 acres, located at the Northbrook Farm location of Saanich Organics.

The ideal candidate is a hard worker with a farming background and is ready for a self directed but supported experience. They must be physically fit, highly organized, comfortable supervising others, have a flexible mindset, be a great communicator, and have the ability to troubleshoot problems. In short they should be able to navigate the many factors that influence outcome in a diverse cropping scenario 🙂

This is a great position for a someone with 2-3+ years experience that is ready to take on an area of responsibility and grow with it, helping Saanich Organics make Seed production a more financially viable enterprise. Preference will be given to those who are in it for the longer term. We offer a competitive wage that will increase with time as the learning curve decreases.

Saanich Organics flowering leeks


General duties of the Seed Manager include:

  • Crop planning and tracking the crop production cycle for our organic certification records
  • Growing seed crops with use of rototiller, organic amendments, lots of use of hand tools. A tractor and spader is on the property and is used to cultivate large areas prior to bed prep.
  • Producing seed to the standards set by the Organic Seed Alliance (attention to isolation distances, crossing, population sizes, trait selection, etc)
  • Processing, storing, and packing seed
  • Managing sales of bulk seeds to other growers, to the BC EcoSeed co-op and to our own farms affiliated with Saanich Organics
  • Managing the packet sales of seeds to: retail outlets, Seedy Saturday events, markets and our box program.
  • Attending seed sales and seed events
  • Tracking inventory and updating inventory list, compiling sales list at end of season
  • Communicating with Saanich Organics owners and our customers

General duties of the Field Crop Production include:

  • Management of 20×160’ greenhouse planted in seed crops in summer and salad greens in winter
  • Management of approx 1/2 acre of strawberry production and 1/4 acre of salad greens, 1/4 acre of seed crops, and a small amount of winter squash and carrots.
  • Supervision of one field hand and possible strawberry harvesters
  • All aspects of production of high quality crops (planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting, pest control, quality control)
  • Ordering deliveries of compost and manure, picking up supplies
  • Crop projections, and timely harvests, tracking the crop production cycle for our organic certification records

Saanich Organics strawberries


Start date is Jan 2019. Preference given for longer term candidates.

Time commitment is 30-40 hours a week for April through November, dropping to 10-20 hours a week through winter with the least hours in January.

We are offering $15-16/hr (depending on experience), a profit share, and all the veggies you can eat!


Please send your cover letter and resume to:


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