FARM JOB: Pemberton, BC – Rootdown Organic Farm, Field Crew with Optional Leadership Roles

Posted by JoHana Harcourt on December 21, 2022

Rootdown Organic Farm in Pemberton, BC is seeking a Field Crew with Optional Leadership Roles!

ABOUT Rootdown Organic Farm

Rootdown is a Certified Organic mixed veggie farm in the fertile Pemberton Valley that strives for environmental, economic, and social sustainability in all its operations. Established in 2009, we grow and sell 30+ different types of vegetables within Whistler and Pemberton through various sales channels (harvest box program, restaurants, and grocery stores). We are committed to serving our communities with high quality, healthy food.

We have 2 small tractors and are beginning to integrate a Tilmore Power Ox for mechanical weeding, but we still do much of the work by hand – using hand weeding tools and good old fashioned elbow grease!

The farm is fast paced, exciting, and dynamic. There are daily and weekly deadlines, and work needs to be done efficiently. Because of this, we have strived over the years to improve our systems to make the work more enjoyable for all. We continue to refine and improve on these systems and welcome feedback and input from staff on an ongoing basis.


Our seasonal staff are integral to our business, and as such, we truly appreciate them! Every year an amazing and diverse array of folks from various backgrounds put in many hours of their time, hard work, and energy into making Rootdown a viable farm that can give back to the community.

We have found that certain types of individuals do best working with us, however, and below are some of the skills/qualities we are looking for. We are looking for folks who:

  • Have experience with physical labour and/or work in fast paced industries (landscaping, food service, kitchens, etc.) – this is an asset but not necessary
  • Have a healthy body (especially back and knees) and the ability to repeatedly lift 20 kgs
  • Practice good self care, especially in challenging working conditions (i.e. getting enough sleep, eating well, staying hydrated, etc.)
  • Come to work prepared and with appropriate gear (i.e. sturdy shoes, waterproof gear, sunhat, kneepads, etc.)
  • Have the desire to learn new skills and then improve and get faster at them with practice
  • Have the ability to hustle, and work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines
  • Have good communication skills, and the ability to work as part of team to accomplish common goals
  • Take and give constructive feedback well
  • Are legally able to work in Canada

Please note that relevant experience is an asset, but is not necessary. If you do not yet have relevant experience but still feel you would be a good fit for our farm and are keen to work with us, tell us why! We are excited to hear from enthusiastic folks from various backgrounds.


We are hiring for our 2023 Field Crew, and within that field crew, there is the option for folks with relevant experience to take on either our Harvest/Pack Lead, or our Greenhouse Lead role.

The work at Rootdown Farm varies widely over the season and depends on the specific position (full time/part time, partial season/full season, or Lead role) and prior experience of individual staff members. All positions WILL DEFINITELY include:

  • Transplanting and weeding field vegetable crops
  • Harvesting a variety of vegetable crops

All positions will also include some of the following tasks, depending on specific role and prior experience:

  • Seeding, transplanting, and weeding a variety of vegetable crops
  • Watering seedlings and effectively managing space in the seedling greenhouses and germination areas
  • Using a wide variety of hand and small machinery tools
  • Pruning and trellising crops in greenhouses and high tunnels
  • Troubleshooting pest and disease issues in vegetable crops
  • Applying organic fertiliser including compost to the production fields and greenhouses
  • Assisting with field and greenhouse irrigation set-up, take-down and operation
  • Washing and packing a variety of vegetable crops for various types of orders (this requires strong attention to detail)
  • Assisting at CSA Harvest Box pick up sites
  • Giving direction and feedback to less experienced staff and/or a small crew of volunteers
  • And more!

*For more information on the Wash/Pack Lead or Greenhouse Lead roles, please visit and click on the specific link for each leadership role.



  • FULL TIME, FULL SEASON – April/May-October 15, 2023* (3 positions remaining). Option for 2 of these positions to be a Harvest/Pack Lead or Greenhouse Lead with relevant farming experience
  • FULL TIME, PART SEASON – May/June 1st-September 1st, 2023 (1 Summer Student position available, must be under 30 years of age)
  • PART TIME, May/June 1st-September 15th/October 15th, 2023 (1-2 positions remaining, under 30 years of age preferred but not required)

*For those interested, there may be the option for work until the end of October/early November depending on how the season has gone (how did our storage crops do, what was the weather like?!).

Hours per week: Full time hours will fluctuate somewhat with the season and the needs of the farm, but will be a minimum commitment of 32 hrs/week, and will average 40 hrs/week. In late July/August/early September employees can expect to work an average of 45 hrs/week, as that is our peak busy season – we make (and harvest, and sell) vegetables when the sun shines, as they say!

Wage: The initial starting wage is $17-$19/hour depending on experience and leadership roles/responsibilities. We offer wage/performance reviews after 2 months, and increases during the season are possible with demonstration of improved skill and performance.

We have options for basic staff housing available for individuals or for couples (if both are interested in working on the farm).  There is one simple and rustic cabin that may be available for rent on one of our farm sites, as well as 2 different pad rental options for folks who have a camper van, RV, or motorhome of their own. Please indicate in your application if you are interested.

Access to loads of free, organic veggie seconds/surplus is also a staff perk, and if you are a vegetable eater (or want to become one!) this can save you quite a bit of money on your grocery bill. Not to mention the veggies will taste amazing!

Our Health and Wellness Stipend (full time staff, May-September minimum) is also a small way we like to thank our staff for all their hard work – so treat yourself to some self care on us – whether that is a massage, a trip to the spa, or some nice wine, beer or a meal out – you decide!

We also offer an End of Season Bonus for staff that complete their seasonal contract. This is calculated as an additional $0.25 per hour worked for staff who work from at least May-October.


Deadline to apply: We wil begin to conduct interviews in early January and will continue until the positions are filled.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume, including references, to the farm’s assistant manage, Ariella.

When applying, please mention you saw this posting at

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