FARM JOB: NANOOSE BAY, BC – Nanoose Edibles Farm Workers

Posted by Moss Dance on August 15, 2018

Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm

Nanoose Edibles Farm is looking for experienced knowledgeable farm workers.

If you have worked on a farm before and would like to take it a step further, we are looking to train a manager/or managers for our farm to work alongside the owners. The candidate must have previous experience working on a farm; be able to understand the farming seasons—seeding, planting; cropping, harvesting, and seasonal production. Tractor and machinery work is a bonus, but we will train if needed.

We are hoping to find a person or people that we can introduce into the daily operation of the farm. We would hope to train candidates in the operation of the farm, candidates who would be open to new techniques and methods, but not changing the focus, or structure of the enterprise which is already in place.


Nanoose Edibles is a Certified Organic farm with approximately 10 acres in production.  We specialize in open pollinated heritage produce, but also produce blueberries;  raspberries, strawberries, black currants, and greenhouse crops.  The farm is principally known for the production of salad and nutritional greens and for the production of heritage vegetable crops. The orchard was established 25 years ago with trees that were selected and grafted by family members. It is now part of our Family U-pick operation in the summertime and is thereafter juiced into five litre organic containers for winter consumption.

We have on-site a farm sales building which caters to the local population; a Family U-pick Operation; and a Weekly Box Program.  We market to selected restaurants seasonally.

Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm


We are looking for a good communicator who is hardworking, can brainstorm ideas, understand the seasons, is patient, and who will contribute to the farm conversation.

We are seeking farm workers who can commit to full time, year-round availability, and who are able to work in any type of weather, with a long-term commitment to becoming a productive farmer.


We use the tractor to set and make beds, machinery for weeding as well hand weeding. We also use machinery to plant seed, and we transplant by hand. We have other mechanical equipment for specialty tasks. Please note we are not a permaculture farm.

Farmworkers will be asked to participate in:

  • Soil preparation
  • composting
  • bed preparation
  • soil management
  • tractor and machinery work
  • weeding by hand and with assorted machinery
  • fruit crop maintenance, including spraying and pruning
  • caring for crops
  • harvesting
  • prepping for market, and sales
  • irrigation
  • chicken care

We suggest visiting  our website or Facebook page to learn more about what we do at the farm.

Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm


We offer a three month probation period to asses if we both work well together with the with the opportunity to live on-farm only after this assessment period.

Start date: ASAP. We are looking for a person or persons, full time, year-round.  

Hours: Flexible hours, but aiming for approximately  a 40 hour, 5 day work week. However, this is not always possible in the busiest season and will require negotiating.  The wintertime hours may be less depending on the weather.  It seems we would need to discuss this with other farms of a similar nature to see how best this can be solved.

Wage: Starting at $15/hr, depending on experience. A three month assessment will follow, and a renegotiation of wages can be discussed at that  point.


Please email your resume, this completed farm skill questionnaire (also available on our website) and a brief description of yourself. Please include the names of your three favourite farming/gardening books in your email.

Applications can be sent to: