FARM JOB: METCHOSIN, BC – Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on September 14, 2018

Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Parry Bay Sheep Farm near Victoria, BC, is seeking a farm worker with the opportunity to progress to farm manager! This is a long term opportunity, available now.


We produce lambs, hay, some grain and meat birds. We operate on multiple properties of leased land in the Victoria area. We operate a slaughterhouse for lambs, do a meat box, go to a farmers market and have a farm store. We wholesale to butcher shops and restaurants. We partner in a lot of these operations with a farm that grows pigs.

We are not an organic farm, but try to improve the land we use. We have access to pig and sheep manure, so apply that to our crop lands in rotation. Sheep spend most of their lives outside on pasture, and when animals are indoors, we try to give them more than the recommended space. We like the animals to be able to behave as their instincts tell them they should.

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Parry Bay Sheep Farm


We are looking for a strong fit young person who has an interest in farming, and who is willing to take on responsibility. They should be comfortable lifting fifty pound bales of hay and 40 pound buckets of grain on and off trucks, sometimes for extended periods of time. They should be interested in economics and how the whole thing works. This position takes a lot of training, as tasks change from season to season, and competency will be built up over several years. We are looking for a person who sees it as an opportunity to settle in and develop. I see this as an ideal position for a person who has apprenticed on several farms and is ready to take something on. For variety, interest, learning opportunities, and potential for a future in mixed farming, I don’t think it is possible to find something better.

Parry Bay Sheep Farm


The tasks are highly varied, from farm maintenance, to hay hauling, working one day a week in the slaughterhouse, feeding, lambing, flock health, assessing animals for market, cultivation, fence maintenance and pasture management. The hope is that the employee will take increasing responsibility for seeing that certain tasks are followed through.

Parry Bay Sheep Farm


Duration: The start date is any time soon, and the duration is long term.

This is a full time position. Generally 40 hours per week, but sometimes more, with a great deal of opportunity for flexibility most of the time.

The hourly wage starts at $18.00 per hour, but has room to increase as skills increase and the time spent learning goes down. Our long term employees are in the $20.00 an hour range.


Please apply with a resume and cover letter to John and Lorraine Buchanan at

Parry Bay Sheep Farm