Event Recap: Food Sovereignty Tour at Tea Creek Farm – Kitwanga, BC

Posted by Morgan Kitchen on August 16, 2021

On Saturday August 7, Tea Creek Farm hosted a very special event sharing their Tea Creek Model for Indigenous-led training, highlighting the food sovereignty work being done with participants from the Gitanyow Band, Gitwangak Band, and Witset First Nation. A fantastic farm tour was followed by a delicious meal with local meat, veg and a slideshow presentation from Jacob) sharing the work Tea Creek Farm is doing and the Indigenous lives being impacted.

Opening their doors to 25 attendees and 11 hosts from Vanderhoof to Terrace – the event started with a tour of Tea Creek Farm. Vegetable gardens, greenhouse production, training programs (farming, carpentry, mechanics, media) were all showcased in various capacities throughout the farm. The carpentry program includes projects like building a smoke house, a beautiful greenhouse, and outhouses. With farming and equipment comes mechanical maintenance and repairs. The students in the mechanic program perform all repairs and maintenance on site. We had the pleasure of hearing a student’s video interview of a past participant conducted by the media program. It was incredible to hear the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the program!

While food sovereignty is Tea Creek’s long-term mission, today they are focused in on creating the skills building framework for that, and prioritizing food security and providing an abundance of food as a step towards that vision. They have given away all food produced on the farm this year to date.

The meal provided was delicious! It took a team of amazing people to make it happen! Dolly Lepretre made most of the food including the delicious pies and donated the salmon. Karisa Morgan made the perfect fry bread. Barbara Hagreen helped everywhere for days prior scrubbing and sweeping and doing prep work. Cathy Morgan brought fresh home made jam and berry tarts. Jolene Swain and Jonathan Knight brought home made baguettes. Lise and Edward Ecclestone cooked 2 of their home grown turkeys, and Peter Daniels and Reynold Ridsdale BBQ’d the salmon. Peter Kok and Ezra Beaton harvested everything we needed from the fields for days prior, and El Wise made juice and fetched veggies and helped everywhere. The meal was even more delicious seeing everyone collaborate together and sharing!

While we enjoyed our meals, we had the pleasure to hear Jacob speak and share a slideshow presentation. We were introduced to their background, the training programs offered on the farm, the graduates of the programs, and the data demonstrating the need for the mission, vision and values Tea Creek Farm is accomplishing.

Support of Tea Creek Farm and their Indigenous-led training programs comes from various organizations that we would like to recognize: KPU Sustainable Agriculture has endorsed Tea Creek’s model and training. The New Media training is supported by an international charity that promotes Indigenous story telling (based out of the USA – https://ifnotusthenwho.me ), and now the MFI is interested. The ITA BC Indigenous Program has provided a substantial about of support and they continue to be strong allies. 

Morgan, Central North BC’s Land Matcher, then shared about Young Agrarians, the programs offered, the BC Land Matching Program and how to get involved.

Everyone had a fabulous time. Seeing neighbours and friends, learning about food sovereignty and Tea Creek Farm’s mission, while enjoying the incredible food grown and harvested in the immediate area – it was an afternoon we will all cherish!

As the event came to a close, an abundance of fresh and delicious veg were offered to event attendees before they headed home.

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Through the B.C. Land Matching Program, Young Agrarians offers support to farmers looking for land for their farm business, and landholders looking for farmers to farm their land. We’ve made more than 146 matches on over 6,000 acres to date! Reach out to Land Matcher Morgan if you’re in Central & Northern BC and looking for land, or have land you’d like to share with a farmer, or check out the program page to find your regional Land Matcher.

The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded in Central & Northern B.C. by the Province of British Columbia, with support from Patagonia.


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