Elder Farmer + Young Farmer = Winning Combination

Posted by Sara Dent on April 30, 2014

This blog post is from our amazing farmer friends at Golden Ears Farm in Chase BC. This crew are rocking the ecological land stewardship on 34 acres and represent four generations on the land.  We’re grateful for all of their organizing work over the past couple of years to get Young Agrarians growing in their area.

Being a part of the Young Agrarians — South Interior has opened up so many opportunities. In addition to participating in some fantastic potlucks, connecting with an elder farmer will make it possible for us to repair our combine this season!

A few years ago, Tristan and Kelsey made a trip to the prairies; Kelsey stopping off in her hometown of Vermilion, Alberta and Tristan carrying on to Big River, Saskatchewan to pick up an All Crop 60. What a trip it was. Tristan took a meandering route up to Big River and then intended to make good time on the way back…the only trouble was that the maximum speed at which they could travel, towing such an implement, was about 80 km/hr! Needless to say, it was a 36-hour trip home.

The All Crop 60 will serve Golden Ears as a combine and seed cleaner. Eventually, we hope to grow malting barley and utilize the All Crop to harvest it. Before all that can come to fruition, however, there is a lot of work to be done on it…starting with getting rid of mouse nests galore! Belts need to be replaced, oak connecting rods need repair, and sheet metal work will need to happen.

Thank goodness Golden Ears was introduced to Andrew Heinrichs through a collaborative effort between Young Agrarians and the Armstrong Food Initiative Society. Andrew is a retired grain farmer from Manitoba, who worked 1,500 acres in the 70’s and 80’s. A mechanic and inventor, Andrew now lives off the grid and is building his own recumbent bike from scratch. We’re looking forward to lots more time with Andrew as he and Tristan restore the All Crop 60 to its former glory!

Golden Ears has some CSA shares left for the year. If your in the area don’t hesitate – you’ll get great farm fresh food all season. Click here for more info. 


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