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Posted by Dana Penrice on June 06, 2023

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Welcome to the Apprenticeship Program!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship Program and to support your learning and development as an aspiring farmer!

Over the course of your apprenticeship, you will be embarking on a journey in ecological and regenerative food production and land stewardship. Working alongside your mentors you will learn about regenerative farming principles like building healthy soil, growing biodiversity, promoting clean water cycles, carbon sequestration, practicing ethical animal husbandry, and supporting caring people and communities.

The 2022 Apprentices at Ferme Fiola Farm near St. Genevieve, Manitoba learning about Holistic Management Canada’s Ecological Outcome Verification program. Here, the apprentices are taking soil samples. Photo credit: Christel Lanthier

You will also be building a network of fellow aspiring farmers and ecological and regenerative farmers and ranchers across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. You are joining a movement that is leading the way towards a regenerative future for our communities and our planet!

“Young farmer, learn as much as you can about farming and life. Listen to your elders, for they are wise… Whatever you learn, share that knowledge with others; whatever you grow, share with those who have less. Be prepared to meet the challenges ahead, but know that you are not alone.”
– Karen Washington, activist and farmer, Rise & Root Farm
2021 Apprentices with Lisa their mentor on The Homestead Farm near Goodfare, AB.

We look forward to hearing how things are going along the way, both good and bad, and working with you to shape the program for the future.


The YA Apprenticeship Team
Dana, Jenn, Alieka and Marsha