Climate Change Adaptation for Small-Scale Farmers

Posted by Moss Dance on April 14, 2016

Golden Ears Farm Climate Change Adaptation

SPEC (The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) and YA are getting set to launch a project called ‘Climate Change Adaptation for Small-Scale Farmers’, the goal of which is to contribute extension materials and expertise around farmer-identified issues related to climate change and growing food in urban and peri-urban farms around Metro- Vancouver.

We will engage farmers (experts themselves) to help identify the topics of interest, guide the dialogue, and share site-specific expertise with one another.

Garlic Climate Change Adaptation
SPEC will coordinate demonstrations, tours and workshops. Best practices and adaptation strategies specific to the Metro-Vancouver area will be developed using the collective knowledge of farmers in addition to subject matter experts. Soil health and water management are the main topics of focus. We are currently looking for growers (commercial or otherwise) to participate. While any and all are welcome, we will also be selecting approximately 10 farms to conduct FREE soil testing and analysis on. We endeavour to have the results to the farmers ASAP so they can help inform the 2016 growing season. This data will also be used as a learning tool later in the project. This is a time sensitive request- if you would like to participate and are interested in free soil testing, please contact Elana (Project Coordinator) at
Zaklan Farm Climate Change Adaptation

Your commitment as a participant would look like this:

  • Answer our online survey
  • Participate in a brief phone informational interview
  • Facilitate soil sampling on your farm(s) (if selected)
  • Be available, informally, for some communication via phone or email should we need to gather more information on the issues/concerns facing your farm.
  • Participate in workshops/tours/demonstrations (minimum 2, maximum 3)
  • We will make an effort to schedule these during less busy times in the growing season.
  • Provide feedback via survey
This is a one year project with potential to be scaled up if successful, for subsequent years. The success of the project depends on the relevance of the material and the application of the results. Your participation is essential and greatly appreciated.

To participate

Please contact Elana (Project Coordinator) at


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