INTERNSHIP: Blue Wheelbarrow Farm, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Posted by Moss Dance on February 08, 2017

Internship Blue Wheelbarrow Farm

Who We Are

Blue Wheelbarrow Farm is crazy excited to be starting its second season in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario (2.5 hours east of Toronto). Holy crap­ we made it through our first drought filled season! Located just outside Bloomfield in the heart of “The County”, we are dedicated to producing fresh, organically grown vegetables of the highest quality and taste, with a strong focus on promoting local agriculture and local food autonomy. The farm is a 17 acre property with 1.5 acres cultivated for vegetable growing. We specialize in salad mixes and baby greens, but grow a wide variety of other vegetables such as beans, beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, etc. We sell our produce to several chefs and restaurants in the County, at local farmers’ markets, and at our farm stand on site. Cultivating community, celebrating the harvest, and feeding people fully is the foundation of the farm and business.

Blue Wheelbarrow Farm is owned and operated by Aaron Armstrong, who has been working in the field (literally) of organic vegetable farming since 2010. Born and raised north of Toronto in Simcoe County, Aaron spent 5 years learning the best and most productive methods of organic farming around the world (working, interning, and wwoofing throughout Ontario, British Columbia, Hawai’i, France, England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, and New Zealand) before bringing his favourite methods together to create his own farm in the spring of 2016.

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Internship Blue Wheelbarrow Farm - Aaron Armstrong

Who You Are

If you find dirt under your fingernails soothing and the physical exhaustion of a day’s work in the field strangely satisfying… read on! You’re on the right track.

Idiosyncrasies aside, we are looking for people who have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a dedication towards furthering their education/skills in organic farming. Past organic vegetable farming experience is ideal, but those without previous experience will be most welcomed, with preference to those who have prior outdoor work experience. And if you have a desire to explore a career in farming then all the better.

Now here’s the part where we list the standard, yet essential, “requirements, skills, and abilities” most farms are looking for: good communication skills, is able to work efficiently with a team or independently, is able to listen and follow directions, self-motivated to complete tasks, has the courage and confidence to ask questions when tasks are unclear or end result is uncertain, is able to give and receive feedback, and can work quickly and efficiently with good time management. We are looking for people who are flexible, accepting, and willing to adapt to new skills and methods as farming is made up of thousands of tricks and details.

We are looking for people who thrive working outside and working with their hands. Here you will experience the romanticism and realities of what it takes to run a farming business. Organic farming, while incredibly rewarding, can be very hard and challenging work: long hours, repetitive tasks, heavy lifting, working in all weather conditions, starting harvest before sunrise to beat the heat of the day, prolonged time spent working alone, and long hours of physical exertion to name a few. On harvest days we go until the work is done. As a result, this type of work requires a healthy amount of physical endurance and fitness, as well as managing your own personal health and emotional self-care.

Are you still with us? Phew, good! Because despite the challenges of farming, we value a healthy work/life balance and a sense of humour. We work hard and we play hard. Good food, good wine, good company, euchre, cribbage, movie nights, beach days, bonfires, slacklining, bocce ball, ice cream… all important parts of farm life. As you will be living on the farm, someone who is respectful of communal living spaces and can contribute to the upkeep, cleanliness, and maintenance of our home is important. Blue Wheelbarrow Farm is a busy place, so your ability to collaborate and work well with others is essential.

Internship Blue Wheelbarrow Farm

About the Internship

First and foremost, Blue Wheelbarrow Farm wants your internship experience to be one rich in education and community. Aaron’s “gateway drug” into organic farming began when he started volunteering on farms through the WWOOF program. As a result, he gained valuable insight and knowledge that was directly connected to the pivotal and practical aspects of farming rather than learning about it from a classroom setting. We are happy and willing to teach and share our knowledge with you. There is no such thing as a stupid question and we will explain any techniques, processes, and instructions until things are clear. Our goal is for you to gain a broad understanding of the entire experience of organic veggie farming and to be a part of the vibrant community that is Prince Edward County.

Interns will be involved in every aspect of life on the farm and will be an integral part of the Blue Wheelbarrow team. The majority of our work is done by hand with little mechanization. Duties will include harvesting (picking, cleaning, processing, packaging, quality control), weed control (hoeing, hand pulling), seeding, transplanting, watering, maintenance of the cultivated acreage and vegetables, trellising & pruning, using the BCS rototiller for bed prep, irrigation set-up, record keeping, and any other wonderful surprises this land offers up to challenge us. Once confident, interns are expected to be able to complete jobs independently without constant supervision. There may be construction projects on the go if interns would like to expand or offer their skills in this department.

Interns will work roughly 45 hours per week; some weeks more, some weeks less. On harvest days we begin before the sunrise to beat the heat and go until harvest, processing, and clean up have been completed. Farm work will be done in all types of weather. Non-harvest work days begin at 7 am with an extended lunch break starting around 1 pm. During our break we “somehow” find ourselves down at the beach for a re-energizing swim or (begrudgingly) implement the time-honoured, European tradition of the midday siesta. Work resumes around 3 pm and continues until 6 pm. Certain tasks, like transplanting, are expected to be followed through to their completion, even if this goes later than the scheduled work day. Some things just gotta git done!

Full-Time Position

6 month position running from May 1 – Oct 31, 2017. Previous experience and a serious interest in organic vegetable farming are important. The full-time position will have the responsibility of running a weekly market stall at one of our local weekend markets. A valid Class 5 driver’s license and a car is a must. The full-time internship includes all your food, a furnished room in our 1870s farm house, internet, laundry, and a stipend of $500 per month.

Part-Time Positions

Three 2 month positions running May 1-June 30, June 23-August 31, and August 24-Oct 31. Internship is ideal for someone who has an interest in organic vegetable farming but is unable to commit to a full season. Previous experience is not essential, though a serious interest in organic vegetable farming is. A valid Class 5 driver’s license and a car are preferred. The part-time internships include all your food, a furnished room in our 1870s farm house, internet, and a stipend of $400 per month.

Internship Blue Wheelbarrow Farm


Please send a cover letter and resume with references by email to Aaron Armstrong at bluewheelbarrowfarm @ (remove spaces when sending this this address.)

Application will be accepted up until Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule either an in person or video conferencing interview. Thank you to all who show interest in these positions.

When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at Young Agrarians.

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