SEPT 24: CAWSTON, BC – Blackbird Organics & Food of the Sun Farm Tour & Potluck

Posted by Moss Dance on September 20, 2017

Blackbird Organics

Hay South Okanagan & Similkameen Farmers: Young Agrarians Farm events are coming your way! Join us for our first ever South OK/Similkameen farm tour at Blackbird Organics and Food of the Sun on Sunday, September 24!

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, 2:00-7:30PM

2:00PM Farm Tours at Food of the Sun & Blackbird Organics (they are right across the road from each other!)

5:00PM potluck & social till 7:30PM

WHERE: Meet at Blackbird Organics, 382 VLA Rd, Cawston, BC, V0X 1C1

  • Please Bring a dish to share!
  • Kids are welcome 🙂
  • Please don’t bring dogs—the chickens like the place to themselves!
Blackbird Organics

Blackbird Organics layer hens feasting on sprouted wheat

About Blackbird Organics

Blackbird Organics Farm is one of the Similkameen Valley’s top producers of affordable, premium-quality organic chickens, turkeys and eggs. Organic certified and a registered member of the Similkameen Okanagan Organic Producers Association (SOOPA), Blackbird Organics Farm was established in 2006 and is spectacularly located on three acres of farmland in Cawston, British Columbia.

Blackbird Organics farmer Corey Brown has poultry wisdom to share—this is a great chance to check out an organic pastured poultry layer operation! Corey is involved with the Certified Organic Associations of BC and is very knowledgable about organic certification and poultry.

Blackbird Organics

Every afternoon at Blackbird Organics, there’s a chicken rodeo—when Corey lets the birds out to pasture, it’s a joyful thing to watch the birds run free!

Corey will also share his system for sprouting grains seeds for layer hen feed. He’s also experimented with raising black soldier fly larvae for feed.

About Food of the Sun Organic Farm

Food of the Sun was founded in 2012 in Cawston, BC. Known for their premium Certified Organic garlic, available seasonally at Blush Lane, Food of the Sun also grows a variety of organic vegetables, available at their farm gate or at the Penticton Farmers’ Market.

Food of the Sun

Food of the Sun

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