Posted by Moss Dance on July 31, 2018

Salix and Sedge field view

Looking for a fall apprenticeship opportunity on an organic farm? Salix and Sedge provides the opportunity to learn about efficient small-scale farming, CSAs, and veggie production!


Salix and Sedge is a certified organic farm located in the Salmo Valley, and is owned and operated by Brendan and Cali who began farming in 2015. On about 1.5 acres of land, we produce a large variety of vegetables for our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program, the Farmers Market, and for some local retailers. Our farm is situated next to a forested wetland ecosystem, and is just on the edge of town. We use a lot of hand tools on the farm, a BCS walk behind tractor, and occasionally a larger yanmar tractor.

Salix and Sedge is certified organic through the Kootenay organic growers society. Our mission is to grow nutritious, high quality food for our community while maintaining the great diversity of our farm-wetland ecosystem. We farm on a small scale and try to be as efficient with our space as possible, using techniques modelled by farmers such as Jean Martin Fortier and Ben Hartman.

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We are looking for an apprentice to work alongside us this fall to help us manage our growing farm operation. The farm apprentice must:

  • be able to communicate effectively with farm managers, and ask questions when a task is unclear
  • have weather and task appropriate clothing (work gloves will be provided. Rain gear, rubber boots, sun protection, and light, breathable clothing are essential and must be provided by the employee)
  • be able to work independently and in a team environment
  • be able to follow directions well, multi-task, and employ problem solving skills
  • be physically fit and capable of working full days outdoors in all weather conditions

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in farming and an interest in continuing in this field

Salix and Sedge zucchini


  • Preparing beds for planting
  • Transplanting
  • Weeding, watering, and cultivating
  • Monitoring plant development and pest/disease pressure (keeping records and intervening with pest management strategies when necessary)
  • Harvesting vegetables
  • Preparing produce for sale (ex. washing, trimming, packing, labeling)
  • Record keeping
  • assisting with CSA and Farmers Market preparation when necessary (ex. setting up tables/booths, making signage, writing newsletters)
  • Using and maintaining small equipment (ex. Walk-behind tractor, seeder, mower)
  • End of season clean-up/organizing
  • Small infrastructure projects


The successful applicant will work alongside Brendan and/or Cali each day. We will provide mentorship so that the apprentice can gain skills to help them pursue further farm work. We will have regular morning meetings so that the apprentice has the opportunity to ask any questions they have about farm operations, and provide feedback about how they think a task could be done more effectively or efficiently. We will provide learning opportunities by explaining why to perform tasks a certain way, rather than simply demonstrating how to do it. We will give the student the opportunity to learn new things that they express a particular interest in. We hope to be able to work with the apprentice and provide thorough training so that they can perform tasks competently on their own with minimal supervision. However, we often work together as a team in the field.

We have many farming books to lend out, and also are happy to share our spreadsheets that we use for farm planning.

Salix and Sedge cauliflower


The apprentice will stay in a camper parked on the farm property, adjacent to our house. Food will be provided for breakfast, and we will prepare lunch and dinner to share with the apprentice. We eat home-made/grown food that is often vegetarian, but includes ethically raised meat a couple of times/week. Help with meal prep/clean-up a couple of times/week is expected. We have a son who will be 9 months old when the apprentice begins.


DURATION: September 2nd-October 31st

HOURS/WEEK: 40 hours/week

STIPEND: $600/month (September and October)


Please send your resume and cover letter to: