March 4: AGASSIZ, BC – New Farm Start-Up Workshop

Posted by Moss Dance on February 28, 2017

Agassiz farm workshop

The New Farm Start-Up workshop is a great learning opportunity for those who are thinking of a career in farming.  There will be a workshop hosted by the District of Kent (Agassiz) on March 4th, at 7170 Cheam Avenue.

If you are wanting to farm you may want to consider locating in Agassiz. The community has many attributes that make it a very good place to start a farm, including somewhat lower land prices, excellent water resources and very good soil. In addition, the climate in Agassiz tends to be quite warm in the summer.  In short, the growing conditions in Agassiz are superb for many types of crops. Agassiz also has the Agriculture Canada Research Station, a hub of agriculture research for the Pacific Northwest.

Close proximity to markets and services can make a big difference in the day to day running of a farm business. Agassiz is close to agriculture services, like equipment, fertilizer and building suppliers and necessary infrastructure such as slaughter facilities. It is not far from markets in Vancouver and elsewhere in the Lower Mainland. In addition, some direct market farmers in Agassiz have been able to capitalize on the tourism traffic going to Harrison Hot Springs and the exposure they get through events such as the Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour and the Circle Farm Tour.

Agassiz is a tight-knit and caring community with a true farm and country spirit. The highlight of the year is the fall fair where everything from produce to preserves, and calves to tractors are on display. The fair features an annual parade and the crowning of the ‘corn king’ or ‘corn queen’ for the farmer with the best forage corn of the season.  

If you come to the workshop, you will have an opportunity to visit some farms open for workshop participants. You will be able to meet some of the farmers in Agassiz and see for yourself why you might want to consider starting your farm here.

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