Zaklan Heritage Farm Potluck!

Posted by Sara Dent on September 10, 2012

We can’t wait! Come check out Doug Zaklan’s 4th generation family farm in Surrey! We’re going to farm tour and potluck on this beautiful piece of land.

5 pm, Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

13278 84th avenue, Surrey, B.C.

Contact: if you want to carpool:)

ABOUT: Since 1928 Zaklan Heritage Farm has been growing quality food through socially and environmentally responsible practices. This small-scale, urban family farm is now run by Doug Zaklan, with the mission to provide wholesome nutritious food for the community. In the first year of full-time production as an urban market garden, Doug Zaklan’s farm make-over includes seedling greenhouse, tomato greenhouse, harvest hut with walk-in cooler, and automated chicken coop.  Doug’s M.O. is to grow healthy soil, plant diversity and beauty, remember who came before us, and consider what we leave for those after us.

Doug is an alumni of UBC farm where he learned small-scale organic farm management. Mix that foundation in with ideals carried on from the Zaklan family, with some of the expected tendencies towards experimentation (that sometimes conflicts the former), and with the generous help of family and friends, Zaklan Heritage Farm is recollecting Strawberry Hill’s past, and together- creating a food vision for the future.
Photos by: Sara Dent,

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