SEPT 9: SURREY, BC: Zaklan Heritage Farm Tour & Potluck

Posted by Moss Dance on August 09, 2018

Zaklan Heritage Farm

Want to check out Zaklan Heritage Farm, nerd out about farming, while eating delicious things? Gemma and Doug have extended the invite to join them at Zaklan Farm for a farmer hangout and potluck! Here’s what they are offering:

“Lets all hang on the farm and eat things and be grateful that August is over. Join us for an evening of shop talk and tasty eats. This is going to be a farmer focused event, as opposed to previous years when it was more of a community event. We want to share some of our new tools and gadgets we’ve got on the farm and chat about successes and failures with our farm friends.”

WHEN: September 9, 2018, 4:00-9:00PM

WHERE: Zacklan Heritage Farm, 13278 84th Ave, Surrey, BC

BRING: A dish to share, tools to eat with, and camping gear if you want to stay over. Camping is available for those who’d like to stay over. There will be a campfire and hang out later in the evening.


Started in the 1920’s by Dragan and Marta Zaklan, the Zaklan Family has been farming this land for over 80 years. In 2011 the now urban farm underwent a revitalization led by Doug, the next generation of Zaklans. With Doug’s vision, and ample support from the family, the farm has been transformed into a diverse mixed vegetable and livestock operation. Our 8 acres grows a diversity of vegetable and fruit crops, as well as provides space to pasture livestock, including our 95 laying hens. The birds are rotated around the farm throughout the season, providing them access to fresh green grass and grubs all year long. Growing food using an intensive production system, with small machinery and hand tools, we are able to minimize our fossil fuel consumption and better manage our soils in an ecologically sound way.


We run a successful (profitable and we get time off the farm!) small scale intensive farm. We’ve invested in some cool infrastructure and tools that we think other farmers might be interested in.

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