Yarrow EcoVillage and Groundswell Cohousing Tours

Posted by Sara Dent on October 06, 2014

Get acquainted with the Yarrow Ecovillage and Groundswell Cohousing, our multi-generational housing community! Learn more about living in an intentional community that strives for sustainability works. Tours take about 2 hours, and are led by a small group of residents, the cost is a $10 donation.  Tour starts at 11 AM, October 11, November 8, December 13. Email welcome@yarrowecovillage.ca to reserve your spot today!


What is Cohousing you may ask? 

Imagine living in one of 33 residences nestled between our mixed use commercial / residential and a 20 acre Organic farm within the Yarrow Ecovillage. Know your neighbors, enjoy fresh veggies grown by your community farmers, enjoy the natural swimming hole, children’s play areas (complete with other children to play with!) and all the local amenities Yarrow Central has to offer.

Each household occupies a private on-site residence with its own kitchen. The residences are mostly owner-occupied, not rentals, though some rentals do exist.


Grounsdwell Cohousing is not a commune nor co-op housing. We aren’t affiliated with any particular religion nor do we have a guru, or leader. The legal structure of our cohousing is that of a strata which is typical of most multi-family town-home and apartment developments in British Columbia. Similar to a Condo, we offer shared spaces. Our soon to be finished common house will include a play room, craft room, music room, guest room, kitchen and eating area, laundry facilities, huge BBQ area, wood shop and other bonuses special to being on farmland.


What about the farm?

Farmers here at Yarrow Ecovillage lease land from the 20 acres of certified organic farmland available. Currently, there are three small functioning vegetable farms and one farmer growing heirloom apples. Each farmer runs their own operation, but works together to share advice/experience, resources, and even a beer after a hard day. Some of the farms collaborate to offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Harvest box program, supplying fresh organic produce to fellow ecovillagers, and the surrounding communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Yarrow, BC. Every ecovillager also has access to a portion of the spacious community garden.

The farmers here care deeply about balancing earning a living with caring for the land, natural resources, and the wide diversity of life in the area. Stewart creek runs through the farmland, and is home to salmon, a wide array of birds, amphibians, and occasionally splashing, laughing children and sweaty farmers.


Find out more on our website: http://yarrowecovillage.ca/ and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yarrowecovillage

Email welcome@yarrowecovillage.ca to reserve your spot today!