YA Apprenticeship: Reflections from The Homestead, Goodfare AB

Posted by Dana Penrice on February 15, 2019

Donovan and Lisa live in symbiosis with their environment. They create very familiar boundaries with their animals and raise them with respect, passion and patience. They are in love with nature and they are farmers not only through their job, but also through their whole way of living. Their courage, their determination led them to take a great step forward by starting their own organic farm, off the grid. They are pioneers.

The Homestead_Carrot Queen

But more than being passionate farmers, they are humans. Their generosity, their kindness make them wonderful hosts for Wwoofers and apprentices. They transmit their skills, learning-by-doing, and radiate their passion for what they do. My brother and I had the very luck to visit and the honor to help them during a month in August. During that month, our challenge was to give them as much as we could, as much as they gave us. That motivated us every single day. That was a life changing experience.

The Homestead_Grazing

Finally, Lisa and Donovan are ambassadors of their human and nature centered community. This small group of pioneers, hard-workers, farmers, and humans is an exceptional source of hope and faith in humankind. That community gives us  a new interpretation of happiness and life.”

Louis and Stan_The Homestead

-Louis Fesquet capturing both his, and his brother Stan’s experience as Wwoofers at The Homestead

(When I asked Louis for photos, he said, “Of course we have photos – we took at least one selfie every morning during our trip! Unfortunately we do not have photos from when we were working for obvious reasons…”)

I suppose they were just working too hard 🙂 

To learn more about the Young Agrarians Alberta Apprenticeship Program on The Homestead, check out:  https://youngagrarians.org/ya-apprenticeship-homestead-goodfare-ab/