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Poplarview Stock Farm is located near Pipestone, Manitoba– Treaty 2 Territory

Poplariew is located 10 miles east of Pipestone in Southwestern Manitoba. The family is Melissa and Trevor Atchison and their 2 kids, Reese and Wyatt. Trevor’s parents Lloyd and Joan and his nephew, Tyler Scott also live and work on the farm. The Atchison family has been farming on the same land for 120 years. They run a larger-scale regenerative cattle farm with an intentional focus on soil health. They calve just under 800 cows each year and keep the calves as yearlings the following summer. They also grow crops for silage (feed for cows) and to sell to market. 

About the apprenticeship:

An opportunity to experience how cattle can make a difference in the grassland health. The season will have many great learning opportunities. The cows start calving at the end of April thru until end of June. Tagging and moving pairs takes up a lot of time in May and June as well as getting fences checked and ready for the summer grazing period. The majority of the annual crops are also seeded in the spring. July and august are busy checking and moving cows in their rotations and cutting, raking, and bailing hay. In the fall, they fix up any pens that need repair for winter use, haul bales to the home yard, and set up bale feeding winter sites. The fall is also the time for vaccinating and weaning calves from cows. The apprentice will also get to learn about the use of  cover crops and inter cropping, rotational grazing, and improving the land they use for ranching.

As part of the apprenticeship, you will meet with other apprentices across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta who are part of the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship program. Field days, learning opportunities and potlucks will be planned with the Manitoba group at each hosts farm.  You will also be invited to attend a regenerative or organic food conference during or following the apprenticeship.

About the farm mentors:

Trevor would be the main mentor. Trevor has 30 years of experience in rotational grazing. He grew up farming and continues with with his passion, working to improve the health of the herd, the land, and the farm operation. Trevor’s Nephew, Tyler Scott assists with the duties of the farm. Trevor is happy to share what the decisions are on the farm and why they make them. This knowledge will be helpful in building planning skills if the apprentice is interested in operating / managing a farm in the future.

Skills this farm has to teach:

The following skills are being offered by this farm. While you’ll get exposure to many of these areas, it is likely that not all will be covered. Apprentices will work to identify the skills they want to develop through a learning plan with the host farm.  

Winter feed for cattle maintenance of machinery
FEncing & rotational grazing silage and feed
cover crops / intercropping soil health
Calving, caring for calves  Cattle nutrition
grain farming (seeding & Harvest) livestock watering systems

Skill required of the apprentice:

*Any experience working with cattle is a plus, but a desire to learn and an interest in cattle will help!

*A positive attitude, a communication skills is great too.

*Drivers license would be good.

Housing, Stipend and Duration:

*A farm house in a separate yard will be available for the apprentices to live in. The yard is approximately 1.75 miles from the main yard. It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath house.

* Accommodations have internet, a fridge, stove, washer and dryer.

*An apprentice can use a farm vehicle and the usage will be discussed in person.

* Wages and fees for room and board will be discussed in the interview.

*Duration: minimum 4 months, 6-8 months, May-November.

*Days off are flexible and can be discussed (one to 2 days per week) During busy seasons, expectations will be higher.

About the Community and Land:

There are local swimming pools and golf courses open in the summer. The closest town to the farm is Reston and Hartney (20 mins away), Virden and Souris are 30mins away and just over an hour from Brandon. Just over an hour to Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. And 3 hours and 15 mins to Winnipeg.

Poplarview Stock Farm is located on Treaty 2 lands. These are the territories of the Dakota, Anishinabek, Oji-Cree, Cree, Dene and Metis peoples.

Young Agrarians recognizes the unresolved Indigenous land title and rights in the diverse territories in what is today called Canada. As we live and work in the context of and in response to a colonial system of laws and policies, it is important to acknowledge the historical and ongoing impact of agriculture and land enclosure on Indigenous lands and food systems. In this context, we acknowledge our collective responsibility to position Indigenous Peoples and their experiences with coloniality, in a narrative of reconciliation that places ecology, land stewardship, and Indigenous land title and rights at the forefront – if we are to sustain the Earth’s ecosystems in today’s rapidly changing climate.

Our deepest hope is that the future of our food systems is diverse, interconnected, and resilient, embraces people of all walks of life and sustains the water, plants, and creatures in ways that benefit and work alongside Indigenous Peoples and narratives and ways of knowing and caring for the land.

This farm, like many others, is surrounded by agricultural cultivated land, uncultivated land, Indigenous people and voices from non-settler walks of life. We encourage everyone to build relationship with the land and community that surrounds the place where you will be learning.

More Details about this Apprenticeship and How to Apply 

Deadline to apply > February 15th, 2022

Contact Sara (program coordinator) for questions: manitoba@youngagrarians.org

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