YA APPRENTICESHIP 2022: Ninette, MB – Luna Field Farm

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Do you dream of being a full time farmer and growing food for your community? Luna Field Farm is excited to offer a hands-on apprenticeship to help you on your farming journey.

About the Farm

Luna Field Farm is located on Treaty 1 territory near Ninette, MB. 

Luna Field Farm is a pasture (grass)-based livestock farm operated by Wian Prinsloo and Lydia Carpenter. The farm is run on several hundred acres of grazing pasture land in southwestern Manitoba. Through an ecological lens they focus on the health of their livestock, pastures [plants], and soils, recognizing that “we are what we eat, from the ground up!” 

At Luna Field Farm they raise grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken and eggs from pasture raised hens.  They employ planned grazing techniques in a multi-species grazing system with the objective of better land, great food and a healthier community. They feel that growing food, and/or procuring local foods is one way to foster responsible land stewardship and nurture resilient communities. They want to provide their customers with the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats and encourage others to consider farming and food production as a viable livelihood.

About the Apprenticeship

The apprentice will be integrated on the farm learning/doing the following skills:

  • 50% of time on Poultry Chores – Feeding and watering poultry on pasture. Moving equipment and infrastructure, moving poultry shelters, picking eggs on pasture.
  • 30% of time on Pig Chores – Checking fence, feeding pigs (using the mixmill to grind feed. training provided), making sure waterers are water lines are functioning, feeding farrowing pigs, helping to load pigs for the butcher.
  • 10 % of time on cattle Chores – checking cattle, moving cattle fence.
  • 10% on time on other – work in the shop, infrastructure projects etc.

About the Mentors: 

Wian Prinsloo began farming in 2005 after moving to Canada from Pretoria, South Africa. Lydia is originally from Winnipeg and studied Environmental Science and Geography where she took an interest in systems ecology and soil sciences (nutrient cycling!)  Wian has a strong interested in regenerative agricultural practices, species and habitat conservation in harmony with food production and perennial agricultural systems. Lydia is interested in whole farm systems and soil health, farm succession strategies and how to create community in rural Canada.

Skills this farm has to teach: 

The following skills are being offered by this farm. While you’ll get exposure to many of these areas, it is likely that not all will be covered. Apprentices will work to identify the skills they want to develop to a learning plan with the host farm.

Planned ROTATIONAL GRAZING Conservation


Skills Required of the Apprentice

Ideally the apprentice would be accustomed to long hours outdoors in some regard. They find that this is often one of the most challenging aspects of seasonal farm work for people with little to no experience in agriculture. The apprentice would also be required to have a driver’s license and be able to lift up to 50 lbs. In addition, the farm is a non-smoking environment.

Housing, Stipend and Duration

For an apprentice in need of housing, a private bedroom in the shared farm house would be available. Laundry, internet, and a library of farming books are available at the house.

Breakfast foods will be provided as well as some shared meals. Staples foods will be provided from the farm. The apprentice is responsible for specialty food, provision for special diets, junk food etc.

The apprentice will receive minimum hourly wage for 5.5 days a week. With 1.5 days off per week. This apprenticeship will take place from May 1-November 1. 

About the Community and Land

Belmont, Manitoba is the nearest small town and the farm is about 1 hour to Brandon, MB and 2.5 hours to Winnipeg, MB. Many beautiful lakes surround the farm and nearby land. Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and Spruce Woods Provincial Park – both within an hours drive have many hiking trails, camping opportunities, and great natural spaces.

The farm is on Treaty 1 territory and the traditional and ancestral lands of Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. These communities have a deep relationship with this land based on, among other things, a spiritual connection and subsistence extending back thousands of years.

Young Agrarians recognizes the unresolved Indigenous land title and rights in the diverse territories in what is today called Canada. As we live and work in the context of and in response to a colonial system of laws and policies, it is important to acknowledge the historical and ongoing impact of agriculture and land enclosure on Indigenous lands and food systems. In this context, we acknowledge our collective responsibility to position Indigenous Peoples and their experiences with coloniality, in a narrative of reconciliation that places ecology, land stewardship, and Indigenous land title and rights at the forefront – if we are to sustain the Earth’s ecosystems in today’s rapidly changing climate.

Our deepest hope is that the future of our food systems is diverse, interconnected, and resilient, embraces people of all walks of life and sustains the water, plants, and creatures in ways that benefit and work alongside Indigenous Peoples and narratives and ways of knowing and caring for the land.

This farm, like many others, is surrounded by agricultural cultivated land, uncultivated land, Indigenous people and voices from non-settler walks of life. We encourage everyone to build relationship with the land and community that surrounds the place where you will be learning.

More Details about this Apprenticeship and How to Apply 

Deadline January 31st 2022

Contact Sara – Manitoba Apprenticeship Coordinator for questions:

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  1. I would highly recommend working for Luna Field Farm. I apprenticed with them in 2015. They shared so much knowledge and taught so many skills. Plus, they’re absolutely great people. We had a fun summer and they’ve only gotten better at farming since then!

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