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Posted by Dana Penrice on April 04, 2019 1 Comment

SOLD! Our first Young Agrarians Spring Fundraiser has wrapped up, and we have reached our fundraising goal, plus some! This auction was a heckofalotta fun to put on, and it’s thanks to awesome farmers and friends like you that it was such a success. We are already excited for next year!! A GIANT thank you to our bidders and the farmers who donated their time and skills to our auction. We are thrilled that there was such an incredible response, but no surprise there – you’re really awesome!

Got the spring farm auction fever?

Get your fix and support Young Agrarians Alberta through our 1st ever online auction fundraiser! Agrarians across Alberta are offering up their skills and experiences to put up for bid. The result? An auction lot where you just won’t be able to keep your hands in your pockets. You might just find that very farming skill or activity that you’ve been dreaming about for many seasons! Just wave your digital bidding card!

If you always wanted to learn about driving horses, butchering a beefraising bees or, any number of agrarian farming skills, then this is your chance.

Not only will this auction educate and connect our Albertan farming communities, the money raised will support Young Agrarians programming in Alberta to keep our work going!

You will not even have to leave your farm in these busy spring days to attend this auction; just go online and bid by clicking on your favourite item or items, and hopefully you will be the lucky person who gets to spend a day with some of our coolest farmers across the province.

Place your bids here: https://www.32auctions.com/yaauctionfever

Bidding closes April 19th.

Here’s the full list of items up for bid:


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