OCT 7: VANCOUVER to SECWEPEMC – Wild Salmon Caravan

Posted by Moss Dance on August 31, 2017

Wild Salmon Caravan


A celebration of the spirit of wild salmon!

This year’s Wild Salmon Caravan will be following the Sockeye up the Fraser River to Adams Lake in Secwepemc (Shushwap) territory and will be kicked off with a colorful Vancouver Parade up Commercial Drive. Please save the date – Sat, Oct 7th for this special Vancouver parade.

Call out for cultural and artistic expressions

The intention of the Wild Salmon Caravan is to nurture the creative energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages, and affirm inter-tribal relationships that are the foundation of Indigenous trade and fisheries knowledge systems.
The collaboration and creative energy will serve to educate, inform, and transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm that is endangering wild salmon. Ancient ceremonies and songs of Indigenous peoples, as well as creative expressions of visual and performing arts, will call the wild salmon home to the rivers, lakes, and streams of the Fraser Basin and Salish Sea corridor where they play out their lives in birth and death.  The Wild Salmon Caravan will link Indigenous and non-Indigenous eco-artists, performers, advocates, coalitions, and food systems networks who are working to protect, conserve and restore wild salmon and their habitat. 

Wild Salmon Caravan

In a similar spirit as the world renowned Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, we invite individuals, artists, groups, and communities from all ages, creeds and cultures to come out in colourful and creative expressions of love for wild salmon. We invite you to wear cultural regalia at ceremonies and feasts that are being planned in Indigenous communities, and hope to see costumes, banner, placards, clothing and imagery inspired by diverse cultural and artistic expressions at parades being planned in Vancouver and Kamloops. 
Performing artists can lend your voice and vision through storytelling, poetry, or music. We call on all artists and cultural groups to show up to the parade, and contribute art in whatever medium you choose, following the themes of: endangerment of wild salmon, water, extractive economic activities such as oil and pipelines, Site C Dam, GMO’S, climate change, coloniality, conservation, or food sovereignty.

For more information contact: Ostwelve (Ronnie Dean Harris), ostwelve@icloud.com 

Britannia Arts Builds are also being planned for Aug 19, Sept 2, 13, 27. Contact Ian @ 604-718-5895 for more info.

Wild Salmon Caravan

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