WATCH: Setting Your Price for Your Food Product Webinar – Government of Manitoba

Posted by Dana Penrice on November 02, 2020

Have you figured out what you want to grow but haven’t figured out what you should sell it for?  The Government of Manitoba put together some great webinars of pricing your product. Check out these recorded videos to think through what will work for you.

Part 1:

Setting price for farmers markets, retailers and wholesalers.
Calculating Cost of Goods and break even.
More on pricing strategy

Part 2:

Selling to wholesalers, distributors and retailers
Using the Manitoba Pricing Tool
Setting up promotions

Part 3:

Strategy for selling to customers in retail setting
More on pricing strategies with retailers

Part 4:

Pricing promotions in retail setting
Working with retail managers


Feature Photo by Jasmijn Hofstra on Unsplash