Toronto Urban Farmer Gathering

Posted by Jessica Gale on December 03, 2013

Join us December 5th at 5pm at Foodshare in Toronto! Gather with urban farmers of all types and backgrounds. The evening will start with a potluck, ala Young Agrarian and Greenhorns style, and finish with a guided discussion about what we as urban farmers face, and what our visions, desires and needs are. We strive for a united and thriving urban farming community in Toronto.

Bring a dish to share and tools to eat with!

Address: 90 Croatia Street, in a former school building (Brockton Academy.) The best entrance is located at the corner of Brock Avenue and Brock Crescent, just south of Bloor St. West.

About Jessica Gale:
I came to urban farming as a country girl in the big city. I moved to Toronto from Upstate New York, following love and hoping for better luck in the job market. Unable to work at first due to immigration reasons, I looked for volunteer gigs. After finishing my masters, I was more burnt out on computers and sitting at a desk than I thought. I hunted for volunteer positions that got me outside, in the sun and soil, so somehow I wandered into Fresh City Farms, an urban farm in Toronto. This was not my first foray into farming and by now, I am certain it will not be my last. Working for the farm and growing cut flowers there for my start-up business, those fields became my refuge. As I said: I am country girl in a big new place. Farming in the city has not only become a career path for me, but a retreat from the stress big city life can bring.

That’s my story of why I farm in the city. Meeting other urban farmers, I was fascinated to hear their tales of how and why they ended up seeking green horizons in the concrete
jungle. If you live in Toronto and love farming, I look forward to meeting you!


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