Farm Transition & Succession Planning Resources

*NEW RESOURCE!* Young Agrarians B.C. Transition Toolkit for Non-Family Farm Transfer: This Non-Family Transition Toolkit is a resource for anyone exploring alternative ways to transition land and farms from one generation to the next. tCurrent and entering farmers will find a framework for understanding non-family transition, information about different models, and how to gauge which model fits your vision and needs. The case stories and other anecdotes in this toolkit are real-world examples of farmers making transition happen in a very complex regulatory environment – to ensure that what they’ve built with a lifetime of labour will not be lost to the next generation.

To learn about transition planning and various programs intended to support the transfer of farm business to the next generation of farmers, check out:

B.C. Agri Business Planning Program – Eligible Activity: Developing a Transition / Succession Plan. Eligible applicants can access up to $7,500 for individuals and $22,500 for groups for business planning services from a Qualified Business Consultant specializing in transition planning to develop a potential farm transition/succession strategy. Applicants must have reported total annual gross revenues greater than $50,000/year in the previous year to Canada Revenue Agency.

Farm Management Canada’s National Transition Program – This program seeks to help bridge the gap between generations of farmers to provide Canada’s future farmers with the best chance for success. It is comprised of a series of Succession & Transition Planning workshops for farm families, coupled with a Successor Development program, exclusively for young farmers. Young farmers have a chance to apply to be selected to participate in a Successor Development program.

Farm Credit Canada Transition Planning Tools – From starting the conversation and preparation, to farm transfer and retirement, Farm Credit Canada has a collection of advice and resources to support the transition process.

Elaine Froese Farm Succession Planning – Elaine Froese is a certified coach and farm succession planner. She offers succession planning/coaching services, online courses, workshops around Canada, and a free-to-download Farm Family Toolkit.

A Growing Concern: How to Keep Farmland in the Hands of Canadian Farmers – A report by the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. This report looks at farmland as a major asset for farmers, seeking to understand the use of farmland and changes in farmland values in Canada, as well as the factors behind their upward trend. In addition, this report describes the underlying challenges associated with access to farmland, including farmers’ financial capacity, ownership types and the profitability of the agricultural sector.

BC Foodlands Cooperative – The Foodlands Cooperative of BC (Foodlands) is a registered society founded in 2017 with the mission to secure and hold land in trust and promote the protection and utilization of food providing lands across BC. Foodlands works with landholders, farmers, local communities and leaders in the agricultural and land trust sectors to develop and support community foodlands models and build healthy, local food systems.